Visionary Alliance

About NHMC’s Visionary Alliance

NHMC’s Visionary Alliance consists of leaders in the creative space who support NHMC’s mission throughout the year. Members will also support NHMC’s advocacy to connect, collaborate, and create opportunities for Latine talent in the entertainment industry through the Series Scriptwriters program and the Latinx Stream Showcase.

Through traditional and social media, events, advocacy, and more, Alliance members are provided opportunities to emerge themselves in NHMC’s social justice work, engage with supporters to amplify its impact, and pursue NHMC’s mission of ensuring Latine representation is more than just a set of initiatives, but part of the framework of major organizations around the country.

Visionary Alliance Members

Ana Navarro
Co-host of “The View”

Aubrey Plaza
Actor / Producer

Danny Pino

Eva Longoria

Francia Raisa
Writer / Actor

Gabriel Luna
Actor / Producer / Musician

Gina Torres

Gloria Calderón Kellet
Writer / Actor

Harvey Guillén
Actor / Producer / Writer

Justina Machado

Lin-Manuel Miranda
Songwriter / Actor / Director / Producer

Lisa Vidal
Actor / Producer

Wilson Cruz

Yvett Merino