NHMC's 2024 Priorities

The following is a roadmap that we envision as the tenets of the NHMC policy agenda heading into 2024 – outlining the pillars of our policy priorities, creating a springboard for coverage and action around the new year, then building upon those pillars with new thinking to move our policy agenda forward this year. 

Our Theme
2024 promises to be a pivotal year for the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC), and for our country. From the dangers of disinformation to unchecked generative AI, to a consistent lack of Latine representation and presence in Hollywood and on Capitol Hill, it’s not just NHMC’s policy positions that are at stake. There are core values at risk that threaten the essence of our collective humanity. Through 2024’s theme “Human Rights Ensure Human Stories,” we intend to focus on what makes us human – the pillars of truth, dignity, and respect that our Latine community deserves. 

Protection against disinformation and access to the truth is a human right. Regulation against harms and discrimination caused by AI is a human right. Equitable, reliable, safe, and affordable access to broadband in the digital age is a human right. Fair and accurate representation – in every space – is a human right. And when we emphasize and demand these human rights, we can protect and promote the Latine stories that are authentic, heartfelt, and truly showcase the human experience – stories from past generations, this generation, and the next.

As we work to execute and embody this theme throughout the year ahead, we have organized our goals into three main pillars: 

2024 Policy Pillars:

Digital Equity

Upholding access, literacy, and justice as human rights

In order to honor the humanity of our community, we must be treated with dignity and given autonomy. We must put the power of information, education, and fairness in the hands of the people via equitable access to those tools. Equity can only truly be achieved through the removal of burdens, like lack of access to the internet, that have historically and intentionally kept Latine people from positions of power and justice. 


Empowering Latine Voices 

Increasing ownership and Representation in Media and Executive Leadership 

When the human experience of Latinos – in all our diverse varieties – is purposefully or neglectfully excluded from what is represented as humanity, the consequences are grave and long-lasting. A lack of representation from TV screens to boardrooms to the halls of Congress has a ripple effect on the conditions to which being Latine is a moniker for being subhuman. 

Accountability & Responsibility 

Bringing accountability for past harms, protecting against present harms, and preventing future harms

Being harmed in modern society without a place or process for remedy, accountability, or responsibility is a barrier to human dignity itself. Working to protect and uphold human rights means investigating the root cause of a harm and building a sustainable ecosystem (in community) to prevent those harms from happening ever again. 

Detailed Policy Priority Pillars


A lack of access to the internet restricts our community from accessing opportunity, mobility, and knowledge that are vital to live a happy and healthy life in 2024. NHMC advocates to close the digital divide, because we firmly believe that access to the internet is a human right. Furthermore, we believe that our community should feel safe and empowered once they gain access or can afford the internet. In 2024, no student, child, grandparent, small business owner, or loved one should have to choose between putting food on the table or maintaining critical access to the digital world. 

Our work this year will focus on pushing forward policy initiatives and progressive change that move the needle on access to the internet as a human right. NHMC is working in collaboration with allies to secure additional funding for critical programs, like the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), that connect millions of families to the internet across the country. We’re also focused on how to ensure equity, sustainability, purpose, and training for those who do have access to the internet.  Finally, NHMC is ramping up our efforts to restore net neutrality and protect Latines from current and future harmful practices that limit or censor our ability to use the internet as a tool for human dignity. 

This year, NHMC will focus on the following priority issues and actions:

Broadband Access: 

Enhance broadband access focusing on affordability and reaching remote Latine communities to address digital redlining. 
Promote and expand the ACP to ensure more Latine families have internet access. 
Advocate for reforms in USF to support broader and more equitable internet access.

Digital Literacy: 

Develop bilingual educational content and programs to increase knowledge and usage of digital tools, including information management, technology use, online safety, web3, cryptocurrency, and more.

Digital Equity: 

Engagement, research, and advocacy to ensure states and the federal government address the concerns and disparities of Latine communities in Digital Equity Plans.

Free and Open Internet: 

Support initiatives that maintain a free and open internet for all.


In an era where media profoundly influences societal narratives and cultural perceptions, the empowerment of Latine voices in media ownership and executive leadership is not just a matter of representation, but a fundamental human right. Our commitment to "Human Rights Ensure Human Stories" drives our focus across various media sectors - from streaming and publishing to gaming and music. In broadcasting and publishing, we recognize the power of ownership and narrative control, understanding that when Latine individuals hold the reins, the stories told are richer, more diverse, and more reflective of the true tapestry of Latine experiences. The gaming industry, a burgeoning frontier of digital storytelling and interaction, presents an untapped opportunity for Latinx creativity and representation. Similarly, in the music industry, Latine voices and rhythms are pivotal in shaping global cultural landscapes, yet there remains a significant gap in representation and influence at the executive level.

Our vision extends to nurturing the next generation of Latine media professionals through education and workforce development. Initiatives like NHMC’s Careers in Entertainment Youth Program aim to ignite passion and skill in media fields among high school students, particularly in areas where Latine voices are underrepresented. Programs like the Series Scriptwriters Program and the Latinx Stream Showcase are crucial in providing platforms for emerging Latine talent, ensuring that our stories are not only told but are heard and felt universally. The NHMC Media Guide, “Seeing Beyond the Stereotypes: Telling Authentic Latino/a/x/e Stories,” will be a cornerstone resource, guiding media portrayal of Latine communities with authenticity and depth.

As we forge ahead, our actions are geared towards creating a media landscape where Latine individuals are not only participants but leaders and decision-makers. A landscape where our stories are told with the richness and complexity they deserve, and where our voices lead the charge in shaping a more inclusive and diverse media narrative. This is more than a goal; it's a necessity for a world where every story is valued, and every voice has the power to resonate.

This year, NHMC will focus on the following priority issues and actions:

Media Ownership

Advocate for increased Latine ownership in media.
Push for greater access to broadcast licenses and capital for Latinx individuals and organizations.


Lead the Latino Representation in Publishing Coalition.
Promote greater Latine representation and ownership in the publishing industry.


Encourage diversity in gaming content and industry participation.
Collaborate with the gaming industry to enhance Latine representation in gaming content and industry roles.


Support and promote initiatives that amplify Latine presence and influence in the music industry.
Advocate for equitable representation of Latine artists in music awards and industry events.

Film & Television

Support and promote initiatives that amplify Latine presence and influence in the film & TV industry.
Advocate for equitable representation of Latine artists in film & TV awards and industry events.

Education and Workforce Development

Launch the Youth & Media Pilot Program to introduce high school students to media fields, focusing on underrepresented areas.
Continue the Series Scriptwriters Program to nurture Latine talent in scriptwriting.
Expand the Latinx Stream Showcase to highlight Latine talent in streaming media.
Develop the Policy & Media Advocacy Fellowship Program to train future Latinx leaders in policy and media advocacy.
Publish and distribute the NHMC Media Guide, “Seeing Beyond the Stereotypes: Telling Authentic Latino/a/x/e Stories,” to educate and guide media portrayal of Latine communities.


In our interconnected digital era, the principles of accountability and responsibility are paramount, especially for the Latine community, which is often disproportionately affected by the darker aspects of digital advancement. With this pillar, NHMC focuses on combating the spread of disinformation, advocating for ethical Artificial Intelligence, addressing hate speech, and ensuring data security and privacy. The pervasive spread of disinformation, especially in Spanish-language media, not only undermines our democracy but also directly impacts the dignity and power of Latine communities. We recognize the urgent need to address this through focused efforts like the Spanish Language Disinformation Coalition (SLDC) and targeted research. The rise of Artificial Intelligence presents both opportunities and challenges; we are committed to advocating for AI development that is ethical and responsible, ensuring that it serves rather than harms our community.

Hate speech, both online and offline, continues to threaten the safety and well-being of Latine individuals. Our commitment is to develop and enforce comprehensive policies to combat this, creating safer environments for our community. In parallel, the protection of data security and privacy, particularly for vulnerable groups such as children, immigrants, and the elderly, is more critical than ever. As we advance in this digital age, educating the public and raising awareness about these issues is essential. 

NHMC also recognizes the importance of corporate responsibility and government accountability in shaping a digital landscape that respects and uplifts the Latine community. Thus, our actions are geared towards creating a world where digital platforms are spaces of empowerment and safety for all, particularly for those who have historically been marginalized.

This year, NHMC will focus on the following priority issues and actions:


Combat the spread of disinformation, focusing on its impact on democracy and the Latinx community.
Lead and strengthen the Spanish Language Disinformation Coalition to address disinformation in Spanish-speaking communities.


Conduct and support research on the impact of digital technologies and policies on Latine communities.

Artificial Intelligence

Advocate for the ethical development and use of AI.
Focus on reducing AI biases and harms that disproportionately affect Latine communities.

Hate Speech

Develop and enforce robust policies against hate speech on digital platforms.
Work towards creating a safer online and real-world environment for Latine individuals.

Data Security and Privacy

Strengthen policies and practices to protect the data security and privacy of Latine individuals.
Pay special attention to vulnerable groups like children, the elderly, and immigrants.


Develop and disseminate educational content to raise public awareness about digital rights and responsibilities.

Corporate Responsibility

Engage with corporations to promote responsible practices that respect the rights and dignity of Latine communities.

Government Accountability

Advise government agencies on issues affecting the Latine community.
Advocate for the establishment of an Office of Civil Rights in every government agency to ensure equitable treatment and representation.
National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) is a woman-led 501(c)(3) non-profit civil and human rights organization that was founded to eliminate hate, discrimination, and racism toward the Latino communities.
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