Change The Terms

The National Hispanic Media Coalition is a founding member of The Change the Terms coalition, which works towards reducing hate online. As internet platforms provide more opportunities for people around the world to connect, they have also provided a forum for certain groups to spread hate, fear, and abusive behavior.

The deadly neo-Nazi march in Charlottesville, Virginia, was organized with the use of Facebook, PayPal, and Discord.

The violent Proud Boys group vets new applicants through Facebook, and have seen an uptick in applications since summer 2018.

Some technology companies have made steps in the right direction to reduce hateful activities online, but more work needs to be done. Over the past year, the Change the Terms coalition has met with experts on terrorism, human rights, and technology around the world to gather insights on how hate operates online and how it can be stopped.

The result of those conversations was the creation of recommended corporate policies and terms of service to ensure that social media platforms, payment service providers, and other internet-based services are not places where hateful activities and extremism can grow.

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