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Michel Lichand


Ever his Mom decided to give him a girl-ish name, Michel has lived a life of chaos. It wasn’t until the seventh time he slipped on a banana in public that he realized he could harness chaos for comedy. This decision not only gave him a life goal, but it also provided him with a wonderful coping mechanism for whenever things got ‘too’ serious, like when he realized he liked men or the first time he was subjected to a racist comment at his local synagogue- all because he was (and still is) a melting pot of different identities: Jewish, black, latinx, queer, Weird Al Yankovic fan.

But like his propensity for pratfalls, Michel soon understood that this chaotic lack of identity was an identity in itself, and his fear of never fitting in became a guiding light, leading him back on the path to comedy. Sure, he got lost along the way a little bit (like when he worked as a game show host, theme park attendant, video store manager and World Cup volunteer), but he never lost track of the one thing that matters in life: there’s nothing funnier than slipping on a banana.

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