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Linzy Beltran


Linzy Beltran is a first-generation, Salvadoran-American comedy writer and actor from Houston, Texas. Much of her work is inspired by a very sheltered upbringing by two parents who survived the Salvadoran Civil War and who are 17 years apart. She attended a Catholic Church for the first 10 years of her life. After deciding that the Catholic Church didn’t hit hard enough, her family joined a Pentecostal church and a young Linzy got very into it. (Think Footloose but more Latinos) At 18, Linzy moved to Austin for college, leaving the church behind, but keeping the guilt.

Linzy became a late bloomer but thanks to therapy and the realization that her Latinidad and her chubby body was beautiful, she met her one (and accidentally only) partner, Ed. They got married days before the Covid shutdown of 2020 and have been living a pandemic honeymoon with Ed and her two pups, Rosie and Stanley. Linzy relocated to Los Angeles in 2022.

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