Pasadena & Beyond – Puerto Rico Update – 3/26/2018

Pasadena and Beyond is a local community affairs talk show. Show topics will include services provided to Pasadena and surrounding area residents in addition to topical discussions on health, art, politics, business, and social justice meant to connect and empower Pasadena residents. Six months after Hurricane Maria the suffering continues in Puerto Rico. Pasadena & Beyond guests Nelson Denis, Former State Assemblyman, New York state Legislature, Gloria Tristani, Former FCC Commissioner, and Hector Figueroa, president, 32 BJ Service Employees International Union talk about the current political, economic, and telecommunications issues facing the island. They cover a brief history of the island, the Jones’s act, and potential solutions to the island’s current problems. Hector Figueroa, President of 32BJ Service Employees International Union. TW: FB: Nelson Denis, Former State Assemblyman at New York State Legislature, Writer, film director, and former New York State Assemblyman. Author of book “War Against All Puerto Ricans.” FB: TW:]]>