NHMC Recommends Natalie Morales' New Film "Language Lessons"

Dear NHMC Friends & Advocates,

We at the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) are proud supporters of Latinx in the entertainment industry. We believe that it is vital that as audience members, we must show our financial support for a movie with Latinx in front and behind the camera - along with positive, strong characters, and that captures the complexities of love and friendship across languages and cultures.

Please join us by showing your support for Language Lessons, a heartwarming exploration of a long-distance friendship during times of trouble. The award-winning collaboration between Natalie Morales and Mark Duplass is available in select theaters nationwide, on September 10, 2021.

A special message from Natalie Morales to our NHMC Family

Language Lessons Synopsis

When Adam's (Mark Duplass) husband surprises him with weekly Spanish lessons, he's unsure where or how this new element will fit into his already structured life. But when tragedy strikes, his Spanish teacher, Cariño (Natalie Morales), becomes a lifeline he didn't know he needed. Adam develops an unexpected and complicated emotional bond with Cariño—but do you know someone just because you've experienced a traumatic moment with them? Bittersweet, honest, and at times darkly funny, LANGUAGE LESSONS is a disarmingly moving exploration of platonic love.

USA/Costa Rica | 2021 | 91m


SXSW Narrative Spotlight Audience Award

Provincetown Best Narrative Film Audience Award

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