Facebook Promotes Inclusion Through Its P2P Global Digital Challenge

On July 17, 2018, Facebook hosted the Peer to Peer (P2P) Global Digital Challenge final competition in Washington, DC. The P2P program is a Facebook sponsored global counterspeech campaign that provides university students with modest resources to make a measurable impact on their community over the course of a university semester.

NHMC attended to learn how the P2P program engages people on a global scale to join the anti-hate movement. Facebook’s partner organization, EdVenture Partners, described the counterspeach mission as “a global problem with local solutions.” Students from Belgium, Nigeria, and Turkey developed impressive ideas and created a digital footprint in their respective communities.

The finalist of the S18 Facebook P2P challenge included KU Leuven team from Belgium with a counter intolerance campaign. The Middle East Technical University traveled from Turkey and developed a women’s rights campaign. Students from the University of Lagos in Nigeria created a social awareness campaign to integrate people from the slums. What these passionate students were able to achieve with only a $1,000 budget and $750 in Facebook advertising credits is a template for what Facebook could do with exponential resources. Their presentations were also a humbling reminder that small actions can have a lasting impact on our communities.

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