2017 November Newsletter

In this Edition of NHMC at Work:

  • NHMC Celebrates 3rd Annual New York Impact Awards Reception
  • 8th Annual Washington, D.C. Impact Awards Reception
  • D.C. Policy Update
  • NHMC Radio
  • Disney Pixar and NHMC Screen Coco
  • On Coco, Grandmothers and Legacy
  • This Holiday Season - Donate to NHMC!

NHMC Celebrates 3rd Annual New York Impact Awards Reception

[caption id="attachment_13305" align="aligncenter" width="380"][L to R: J. David (Dave) Davis, Gerson Borrero, Elizabeth Yeampierre, & Kat Lazo] [L to R: J. David (Dave) Davis, Gerson Borrero, Elizabeth Yeampierre, & Kat Lazo][/caption]
The New York Impact Awards Reception, convened by the National Hispanic Media Coalition annually, took place on November 9th at Google's New York headquarters. The reception honors journalists, media outlets, civil rights organizations, and community leaders amplifying the voices of Latinos.
This year's honorees included:
  • Gerson Borrero, Editor-at-large for City & State Magazine; Political Editor and Host, HITN; Political Commentator, Spectrum News NY1/NY1 Noticias - Excellence in Media Journalism 
  • Kat Lazo, Online Content Creator and Video Producer, Mitú - Excellence in Online Storytelling 
  • Elizabeth Yeampierre, Executive Director, UPROSE - Outstanding Service and Commitment to the Latino Community
  • J. David (Dave) Davis, President and General Manager, WABC-TV - Outstanding Service and Commitment to the Latino Community
The event was emceed by Jeanine Ramirez, reporter for Spectrum News NY1 and past NHMC Impact Award recipient.
To view the full program on our YouTube channel, click here. For photos from the evening, visit our Flickr page here.
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8th Annual Washington, D.C. Impact Awards Reception

At its 8th annual Washington, D.C. Impact Awards Reception on November 29th, NHMC recognized policymakers and influencers that are working to bridge the digital divide and advocating for policies that benefi Latinos and other people of color.
This year's honorees included:
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  • Angela Campbell, Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Institute for Public Representation - Outstanding Advocate Impact Award
To view photos from the reception, visit: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm6RqG5u
Past honorees include Senator Robert Menendez, Senator Ed Markey, Congresswoman Anna G. Eshoo, Congressman José E. Serrano, Congressman Ben Ray Luján, Congressman Raúl Grijalva, Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, FCC Commissioners Mignon Clyburn, Jessica Rosenworcel and then-FCC Commissioner Michael J. Copps, and then-Congresswoman Hilda Solis.
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D.C. Policy Update

new 11 NHMC Fights to Protect Net Neutrality on Behalf of Latinos and People of Color Who will be Left Vulnerable to Corporate Greed On December 14th, the FCC is expected to approve the draft order repealing all of the 2015 Open Internet Order rules. In short, the FCC will eliminate the Net Neutrality rules that protect consumers from ISP misconduct, including blocking, throttling, or paid prioritization. This month, NHMC also commissioned an independent expert analysis of the FOIA documents received thus far. The analysis, submitted into the FCC's record on November 20, 2017, confirms that the consumers and carriers perceive broadband internet access to be a telecommunications service, in sharp contrast to the FCC's reclassification of broadband as a Title I information service. View the documents received here. NHMC Challenges FCC's Deployment of Advanced Telecommunications, its Assault on the Lifeline Program, the Repeal of Local Media Ownership Rules, and Urged the FCC to Protect Consumers During the Tech Transition On November 3, 2017 NHMC joined the Leadership Conference on Civil & Human Rights and other civil rights organizations, in a letter to the FCC regarding how the Commission assesses deployment and access to advanced telecommunications services that are vital to the economic and social well-being of our nation. Again, NHMC urged the Commission to reaffirm its previous conclusion that fixed and mobile broadband Internet access are complementary, not substitutes for each other. NHMC led other civil rights groups in a letter on November 8, 2017 to the FCC reiterating the importance of Lifeline. The FCC's draft Lifeline item included plans that would severely destabilize the program and erode Lifeline's promise to bring affordable communications services to low-income Americans. During the FCC's November Open Meeting, the FCC voted to eliminate four decades of protections against rampant media consolidation, despite already low numbers of local and diverse voices. Under Chairman Pai's leadership, the Commission removed limitations on cross-ownership of newspapers, radio and TV stations in the same market. Finally, on November 9th, the NHMC joined a broad range of groups in a letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to protect consumers who may lose access to service or emergency functions during transitions from copper landline systems to new advanced technologies. The groups asked the FCC to maintain current rules which prevent telecommunications companies from being able to interrupt or simply abandon service without adequate public notice. NHMC Asked the FCC to Initiate a Rulemaking Proceeding on Internet Communication Disclaimers On November 13th, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Color Of Change, and the National Hispanic Media Coalition through its counsel at the Institute for Public Representation, urged the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to begin a rulemaking to update disclosure requirements for Internet communications. Read the full comment here. NHMC Opposes the Dept. of Homeland Security's Dangerous and Discriminatory Extreme Vetting Initiative In July 2017, ICE publicly revealed plans to solicit automated vetting tools that would rely on automated decision-making, machine learning, and social media monitoring to evaluate criteria such as an applicant's ability to contribute to society or propensity to commit a criminal act. On November 16, 2017, NHMC joined over fifty civil rights, privacy, and government accountability organizations in an opposition letter to the Department of Homeland Security explaining why "this initiative is tailor-made for discrimination." Click here to read the letter.

NHMC Radio

nhmc-radioDid you know in October NHMC launched its very own LPFM radio station? The station's goal is to be a resource to the community as a provider of cultural, entertainment, and political news affecting the Latino community.
Tune in LIVE from 5 AM - 9 AM on 101.5 FM in Pasadena or by visiting www.nhmc.org for streaming capabilities. You can also find our Podcast on SoundCloud by clicking here.

Disney Pixar and NHMC Screen Coco

n10NHMC screened Coco to community leaders on November 15th, and the President/CEO of NHMC, Alex Nogales, echoed the enthusiasm of the audience by saying the following: "Coco is the best film ever produced that truly represents our Latino values, our culture and love of song, dance, and family. You will laugh, you will cry, and applaud loudly on seeing this wonderful film where Latinos play important roles both in front and back of camera. See it and lets make this great film a success so that studios produce more Latino themed films and television shows."
To view photos from the screening, held at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA, click here.
Coco is now officially in theaters! For tickets, visit Fandango by clicking here.

On Coco, Grandmothers and Legacy

[caption id="attachment_13319" align="alignleft" width="300"]Photo Credit: Disney/Pixar Photo Credit: Disney/Pixar[/caption] Former NHMC fellow, Alejandra Salazar, took to NHMC Medium page LatinxMic to talk about Coco, its exploration of legacies, and how important it is for the Latino community.
"With each cinema it sells out, Coco is reaffirming this same message to all of the other Miguels out there, to all of the Mexicanos and Latinxs whose daydreams honor their own legacies: You are here, and you are seen. Tell your story," writes Alejandra.
To read the full article on LatinxMicclick here.

This Holiday Season - Donate to NHMC!

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