Straight UP! - Latina Leaders - 12/11/2017

Hosted by Brenda Castillo Nogales, Straight UP! gets straight to the point. No tip toeing around subjects and no nonsense. Discussions can be anything and everything related to the human experience, including subjects that people shy away from like religion, sex, and politics. The time is now to get rid of the clutter and just talk Straight UP! Latinas in political office. Where are they? While Latinas have a rich history of leadership in their communities, they are unrepresented in all levels of government. Over 6 million Latinas live and work in California today, representing 17% of California’s total population. So why don’t they have 17% of Latina politicians in Sacramento? We hear from Latinas Lead California board members, Diana Rodriguez and Susan Sifuentes-Trigueros. Both Marisa Perez, Cerritos College Board of Trustees, and soon to be the first Latina ever elected as Mayor of Santa Barbara Cathy Murillo give insights to their campaigns.

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