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Anti-immigrant rhetoric and false narratives spread in Spanish even after the border security provisions were removed from bipartisan legislation. John Moore / Getty Images
NBC News Latino
 | 02-16-24

How right-wing immigration misinformation is reaching Spanish-language speakers

Most of the Spanish-language misinformation about immigration that Latinos see on social media or listen to on the radio seems to largely mirror the falsehoods spread by right-wing media outlets in English, according to two groups tracking misinformation in Spanish.

Researchers monitoring Spanish-language misinformation found that anti-immigrant rhetoric and false narratives increased as coverage of the Senate’s border security and foreign aid bill gained traction in recent weeks. Misinformation and falsehoods continued to cross over into Spanish even after the border security provisions that would have funded federal immigration agencies to ramp up detention and deportation efforts were removed from the bipartisan legislation, leaving behind just the provisions concerning aid for UkraineIsrael and Taiwan.

During the weeks in which the bill was being debated, researchers noticed a surge in posts spreading anti-immigrant narratives such as the “great replacement” theory, which posits that Democrats encourage immigration as part of a conspiracy to wipe out the white race, according to Randy Abreu, policy counsel at the National Hispanic Media Coalition, a Latino media advocacy nonprofit. In general, misinformation broadly distorts facts to present false or inaccurate information.

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