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Platform Accountability Timeline

Platform Accountability Timeline In its inception, NHMC was founded to combat hate targeting Latinx over the airwaves. Today, so much organized hate and extremism lives online. In honoring our original mission, NHMC is deeply devoted to eliminating hate online and holding social media and video-sharing platforms accountable for their role in enabling white supremacy. On [...]

Welcome to NHMC’s Virtual Impact Awards 2021

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Obten un descuento de hasta $50 mensuales en tu factura de internet con el Programa Beneficio de Emergencia para Internet

El Programa Beneficio de Emergencia para Internet (EBB por sus siglas en inglés) es un nuevo programa federal que ofrece hasta $50 de descuento mensual en las facturas de internet para las familias elegibles (hasta $75 para los que viven en territorios tribales.) El programa EBB también ofrece un descuento único de hasta $100 en [...]

LGBTQ Resources

We at NHMC are dedicated to uplifting and supporting the LGBTQ community, therefore, we have compiled a list of websites with extensive resources to help LGBTQ individuals who may be in need.   LGBTQ Resource List:   GLADD   The Trevor Project   Planned Parenthood   Direct Online & Phone Support   If you're looking [...]

2021 Series Scriptwriters Program Cohort

The National Hispanic Media Coalition announces its 10 writers for its 2021 Series Scriptwriters Program. The writers program has served more than 160 diverse alumni who have gone on to write for series such as The Flash, Umbrella Academy, Riverdale, High School Musical: The Series, One Day At A Time, Santiago of the Seas, Legendary, [...]