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NHMC Remembers Angelo Falcón with Indomitable Spirit Award

NEW YORK – Last night, October 23, the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) honored local Latinos for their leadership and invaluable contributions to the Latino community at its 4th annual New York Impact Awards Reception at Google headquarters in New York City. Honorees included CBS 2 New York reporter Valerie Castro, online content creator and video producer Joanna Hausmann, co-anchor of Today in New York Darlene Rodriguez, and president & CEO of the Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network, Inc. (HITN) Michael D. Nieves.

Also, in honor of NHMC’s former board member - the late Angelo Falcón - NHMC presented the first Angelo Falcón Indomitable Spirit Award posthumously to Falcón. Falcón was a political scientist, prolific writer on ethnic and urban politics, president and founder of the National Institute for Latino Policy, and a founding member of the Defend the Honor Campaign, a national coalition of Latino organizations and activists who pressured PBS and filmmaker Ken Burns to include the Latino experience in the World War II documentary, The War, in 2007. Family members Yvette Grau and Andy Falcón accepted the award on his behalf. Jeanine Ramirez, reporter for Spectrum News NY1 and former NHMC Impact Award recipient, emceed the event.

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NHMC President & CEO Alex Nogales commented on what this year’s New York Impact Awards Reception meant to him: “Every year we have the privilege of honoring brilliant advocates, journalists, and many other individuals who are  making a real difference and impact for the Latino community in New York. This year means more to me than ever before because today we recognized someone who was a dear friend of mine for 15 years, Angelo Falcón. The Angelo Falcón Indomitable Spirit Award represents Angelo’s outspoken, unabashed, and relentless commitment to increase the visibility and prominence of the Latino community’s achievements and contributions to this country, as well as to create positive social change. His invaluable work in the media, academia and philanthropy was extremely important because he held those in power accountable, all the while, working to increase the representation of Latinos in all sectors of society, including politics.  His detailed research, studies and statistical data also helped advance community-based policies, which addressed the needs and issues of the people. He was one-of-a-kind in our community, and along with the many youth he mentored and counseled for decades, I will miss him dearly.”

Valerie Castro:  “The privilege of telling stories that matter to our community is an honor in itself.  To be recognized for that work reminds us that as journalists and storytellers, what we do matters and makes a difference.”

Joanna Hausmann: “When I started creating videos four years ago, my biggest dream as a comedian was that my work would resonate with the people I wanted to represent. From talking about misconceptions about Latinos to making a sketch about something as specific and idiosyncratic as the eternal Venezuelan birthday song, I have seen how much our community seeks to elevate, share and celebrate our diversity and culture. I have been so incredibly lucky for my audience as they are the force that have given me the honor of this award.”

Darlene Rodriguez: “As a professional broadcast journalist and as a proud Latina, this award is particularly meaningful. The National Hispanic Media Coalition represents the very best in our community and stands for excellence within our industry. Working together with my colleagues at NBC 4 New York, I am privileged to ask the questions that our viewers want answered – and get the results they seek.  Most importantly, I am honored to offer my voice for all those in our community who need it the most.”

Michael D. Nieves: Growing up my parents raised us to understand the importance of giving back to your community. And for those of us who have been fortunate in life, the responsibility to give back is even greater. This is why it’s an honor to receive this award from the National Hispanic Media Coalition. At HITN TV, our commitment to the Hispanic community is always in the forefront of all our initiatives and we only hope this acknowledgment will help us encourage others to also give back.”

In 2015, NHMC began a tradition of honoring those individuals or entities from the New York area whose achievements, generosity of spirit, and courage under fire, have greatly benefited the welfare of the Latino community. Past NHMC Impact Award recipients include: Jeanine Ramirez (NY1 News), Joe Torres (WABC-TV), Lynda Baquero (NBC 4 New York),  Esteban Creste (Univision 41), and former Commissioner of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, Cynthia López. The event gathers over 150 local community and industry leaders.

NHMC’s title reception sponsor is Google.

Platinum sponsors include HITN and Univision Communications, Inc.

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