Pasadena Latino Leaders Encourage Community Members to Support Latino Applicants for Vacant Seat on PUSD Board of Education


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Pasadena, CA - The Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) will interview applicants for a a newly vacated seat on the PUSD Board. The PUSD is expected to make an appointment in June. The Pasadena Latino Coalition (PLC) sent a letter to the PUSD Board urging that a Latino be appointed to this position.

The letter, signed by nine Pasadena community based organizations, states:
"We write as concerned leaders of the Pasadena community, to urge the Pasadena Unified School District Board to appoint a Latino for the newly vacated seat on the Board. Pasdena's student body consists of over 60% Latino students. Representation from the community the District is serving matters. It is essential that Pasadena have a Latino on the PUSD Board."
The PLC has long been concerned with the lack of Latino representation in elected, appointed and city positions. In particular, the PLC is concerned that no Latinos will be on the PUSD Board unless a qualified Latino applicant is chosen. During redistricting talks last year, the PLC came together to comment at the Pasadena District Task Force meetings to help create more accountable districts for Latinos.

For more information about the process please visit the PUSD website.



About the Pasadena Latino Coalition:
The Pasadena Latino Coalition seeks social justice and fair representation for the Latino community.

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