Online Hate & It’s Consequences – Kyle Rittenhouse Found Not Guilty

November 19th, 2021
The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) is appalled by the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict today of not guilty on all charges, and once again calls on Facebook to acknowledge its role in spreading fear, hate, and violence on its platform.
It is critical to remember that Facebook allowed the Kenosha Guards, an online organized hate and extremist group, to operate freely on its platform. The organization continually posted violent threats targeting Black Lives Matter protesters, and was also responsible for organizing the armed gathering that ultimately led to the deaths of two protestors.
Yet again, we find ourselves in a situation where organized online hate, supported by Facebook’s immoral algorithmic profiteering, leads to real life murder. We must hold those responsible to account. How much longer will Facebook and other online platforms sit idly by enabling disinformation that fuels hatred and violence?
NHMC will honor the Kenosha community and the families impacted by today’s verdict by continuing to hold platforms, shareholders, and advertisers accountable for allowing, amplifying, and profiting from hateful, divisive, and extremely dangerous rhetoric.
See link to our August 26, 2020 statement here.