NHMC Urges FCC to Protect Consumers from Wireless "Bill Shock"

The main purpose is to ensure that wireless customers understand their bills and are forewarned before receiving a bill that is much more expensive than their typical monthly fees. It urges the FCC to require that wireless providers warn customers when there are excessive increases in their bills, and that they disclose in a clear manner, the true cost of their services instead of how they currently market their services, which is very confusing. Commenters urge  these warnings and disclosures come in any language in which wireless providers advertise. There is a system in Europe that requires wireless providers send text messages to consumers that are about to go over their minutes. The FCC should develop a smiliar system in the U.S.  

Click here to read the full filing.
Click here to read the letter sent to the FCC in support for rules to protect consumers from “Bill Shock”. (10/7/10)