NHMC and the Majority of Commenters Urge the FCC to Implement the Lifeline Modernization Order

filed joint Reply Comments in the Lifeline dockets. Voices Reply Comments highlight how the majority of commenters took the opportunity to urge the FCC to swiftly implement the Lifeline Modernization Order and support the reinstatement of the nine Lifeline Broadband Providers (LBPs). Not surprisingly, there was a consensus that not only were the claims of “waste, fraud, and abuse” used to justify the revocation of the nine LBP’s unfounded and hypothetical – but also did not directly apply to those nine LBPs. To further show that support for Lifeline exists all across our nation, Voices shared a sampling of comments and personal stories gathered by Free Press that illustrate the urgent need for Lifeline broadband. Voices also addressed the three comments in opposition to the reinstatement of the nine LBPs. Voices recognizes that “states play a critical role in protecting consumers and ensuring that ETCs serve local needs.” But also explained that the FCC’s LBP designations process, “is supported by statute, properly respects the separation of powers, and serves a compelling public policy interest.” Voices concludes that revoking LBP designations outright, leaves Lifeline subscribers in limbo and undermines Lifeline’s promise to deliver affordable broadband to people across the country. You can read Voices’ initial Comments here, and learn more about NHMC’s role in modernizing the Lifeline program here.]]>

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