NHMC Joins Public Knowledge and Consumer Groups in Bringing Attention to the FCC the Danger of DSRC

Public Knowledge joined six consumer groups to file comments to the Federal Communications Commission regarding the danger and safety concern over Dedicated Short-Range Communication (DSRC) that the automobile industry will utilize into their vehicles starting next month. The issue with DSRC in vehicles is that it puts consumer safety and privacy in danger. Consumers may also be more vulnerable to cyberattacks. The National Hispanic Media Coalition then signed onto a letter sent to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, in which the privacy policy of DSRC is compared to an application, like Facebook, that increases the chances of hacking and cyberattacks.

DSRC units provide an access route for malware to spread directly from car to car, enabling hackers to steal the personal information of drivers. Theses concerns are amplified in light of the impending NHTSA mandate, requiring all new model vehicles have DSRC units installed. As more cars hit the road with this technology, it becomes exponentially easier for hackers to spread malware not just from car to car, but into our nation’s transportation infrastructure.