NHMC Gravely Concerned with Reports That FCC Plans to Create Paid Internet Fastlane



Jessica J. Gonzalez, NHMC


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Washington, D.C. - According to various press reports, the FCC will soon consider new Open Internet rules that would allow companies to pay extra for an Internet fastlane to consumers. The FCC is currently in the process of considering new Open Internet rules after many of its previous rules, adopted in 2010, were overturned by the DC Circuit Court of Appeals in January. The following statement can be attributed to Jessica J. Gonzalez, Executive Vice President & General Counsel of the National Hispanic Media Coalition: "If published reports are accurate, we may be on the cusp of a new era of the Internet, ruled by powerful gatekeepers and manipulated to the detriment of the millions of voices that, to this point, have made the Internet the democratizing force that it is today. NHMC has long-opposed paid Internet fastlanes because they would be out of reach for non-profits, independent creators and small businesses who have thrived under fair rules of the road. There are countless stories of Latinos and other people of color - who have long-faced marginalization from and discrimination in the traditional media system - using the Internet to organize, produce news and entertainment content, and make a living. Allowing large corporations to pay more for better access to Internet users by definition creates a system devoid of equity. Everyone who uses the Internet should be incredibly concerned with this course of action and should raise their voices to encourage the FCC to change course." For more information, including an explanation of what's at stake for Latinos, please visit https://www.nhmc.org/openinternet.


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