NHMC gives a voice to the voiceless. Election season was another opportunity to make an impact.

Jacky Galeno-Escobedo, an NHMC Univision Fellow, understood what was at stake in the midterm elections this year. It was, in effect, a referendum on policies at the core of NHMC’s work on hate speech, Net Neutrality, and immigration. Jacky helped California voters in her area research candidates and their platforms. She remained neutral and gave them information to help determine which candidates would represent their values. Knowing that the ability to vote is a privilege not everyone enjoys, Jacky wanted to make sure that she helped as many voters as she could reach. When she found a resident who had never voted before and missed the registration to vote, Jacky researched same-day registration options that are allowed in California as well as fourteen other states and the District of Columbia. Those kinds of efforts, confirming the polling locations, researching what documents are required for same-day registration, or finding transportation options for voters who need rides to the polls, helped NHMC give a voice to the voiceless this election season.  

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