NHMC Encouraged By Report From President Obama's Broadband Opportunity Council

released the findings of the Broadband Opportunity Council’s (BOC) five-month investigation of federal support for broadband Internet, demonstrating increased adoption of broadband with still more progress to be made. The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) applauds the engagement across various agencies as well as BOC for highlighting many of NHMC’s recommendations. "NHMC looks forward to delving into the report’s details and finding ways to work with the BOC to make broadband Internet more affordable and accessible for millions in this country," said Michael Scurato, NHMC's Vice President of Policy. "Ensuring that everyone can access the critical tools provided by broadband Internet access isn't the responsibility of any one federal agency, but an important goal that should be shared across all aspects of federal, state, and local government. By convening this Council, President Obama has recognized the importance of making sure that all executive branch agencies are on the same page and willing to contribute resources to this effort. We hope that the Council members will continue to stay engaged and explore opportunities to work together." The President’s Broadband Opportunity Council (BOC) is comprised of 25 executive branch agencies directed to compile recommendations that will spur broadband access and adoption. President Obama created the multi-agency BOC on March 23, 2015, “to develop a framework of recommendations to explore ways to remove unnecessary regulatory and policy barriers, incentivize investment and align funding policies and decisions to support broadband access and adoption.” The Latino community continues to face significant challenges with home broadband adoption. According to one recent count, only 53% of American Latinos and 38% of Spanish-dominant American Latinos have home broadband access. Low-income levels are directly correlated to low-broadband adoption.]]>

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