NHMC Asks: Are You Registered To Vote?

September 20, 2022

A Statement from Brenda Victoria Castillo, President & CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC)
To celebrate National Voter Registration Day, the National Hispanic Media Coalition calls on our familias, communities, and friends to work together to ensure the Latine vote is heard this November! Nearly 35 million Latine will be eligible to vote during the 2022 Midterm Election. We are powerful–but only if we register to vote and vote!
While the Latine vote has the potential to be powerful, we must do additional work beyond voter registration. According to the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism’s recent poll, 45 percent of Latinos surveyed are concerned about a violent attack or shooting on Election Day.
38 percent of Latinos are worried about harassment at the polls–something significant for our community, who is already distrustful of the government and hesitant to vote. Overall, 17 percent of those concerned about these events happening at the polls on Election Day said their reaction would be to leave without voting.
This should be a red flag for our nation to fight white supremacy and extremism before it solidifies its chokehold on our democracy. NHMC is calling on each of us, including our policymakers and those in positions of power, to hold bad actors, media, and social media companies accountable for the role they continue to play in igniting and spreading hate, extremism, and disinformation. This Voter Registration Day, we must go beyond registration to ensure that our community feels safe and free to exercise their fundamental right to vote this November.
Yours in the Movement,
Brenda Victoria Castillo
President & CEO
National Hispanic Media Coalition
National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) is a woman-led 501(c)(3) non-profit civil and human rights organization that was founded to eliminate hate, discrimination, and racism toward the Latino communities.
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