Millennials Meet World – Andie Flores – 10/15/2018

New episode. New amazing guest. Cruz Castillo interviews the multitalented Andie Flores. Hailing from Texas, Andie is an overall creator, writer, actor, and comedian. From hard needed discussions about The Brothers Garcia, The Puzzle Place, and John Leguizamo, Andie breaks down her web series Muy Excited, her Cruz News, and more. The word ‘millennial’ tends to get a bad reputation. Though the generation may be seen as the defiant ones, we are out there protesting, speaking up, getting involved in politics, and more! Millennials Meet World, hosted by Cruz Castillo, is a show that delves into the psyche of what it means to be one of the most controversial generations in U.S. history. Each episode will explore what it means to be a millennial in this world through all its sub-cultures. Stay tuned!