March 2017

In this edition of NHMC at Work:

  • NHMC Television Writers Program
  • NHMC’s 2017 Latino Scriptwriters Intensive Begins!
  • Casting Call for the 2017 NHMC Scene Showcase
  • D.C. Policy Update
  • Cristina Fernandez from the NHMC Latino Scene Showcase to be Featured on Powerless
  • NHMC’s Team Continues to Grow
  • NHMC Celebrates Women’s History Month
  • Farmworker Justice Annual Award Reception (DC)

NHMC Television Writers Program

Submissions for the 2017 NHMC TV Writers Program is now open! The intensive 5-week, paid workshop prepares Latinos for writing jobs at major networks. 35% of the program’s 130 graduates have been staffed on shows on networks such as ABC/Disney, NBC, CBS,FOX, Nickelodeon, CW, BET, LATV, VH1, NUVOtv/FuseTV, Hulu and Netflix. Apply at: Brought to you by:
  Program Supporters new 6   Southwest is one of our oldest and most loyal supporters. We owe them a great deal of thanks.
  NHMC thanks Final Draft for its support this year. Final Draft is the industry standard in screenwriting software. Used by such industry giants as J.J. Abrams, James Cameron and Aaron Sorkin, Final Draft automatically paginates and formats your script to industry standards, allowing writers to focus on what they do best – writing scripts. Visit to learn more.

NHMC’s 2017 Latino Scriptwriters Intensive Begins!


Welcome dinner with the program sponsor Univision/Fusion. Back Row – Nilda Muhr (NHMC VP, Special Programs), Joseph Ferrante, Rafael Garcia, Carlos Cisco, Alex Nogales (NHMC President & CEO), Christian Gabela (GM, Story House), Jesenia Ruiz, Geoff Harris (Latino Scriptwriters Intensive Mentor). Front Row – Adriana Flores-Ragade (Partnership Director, Social Impact, Fusion), Brian Otaño and Renier Murillo.

In early March, NHMC began its second annual Latino Scriptwriters Intensive, previously named the television graduate writers program. The program was created in 2016 after Univision/Fusion and NHMC announced a partnership to develop programs designed to increase diversity in media and technology, where Latinos are still severely underrepresented. The program takes place once a year and the participants are hand selected from the group of 130 alumni who have previously completed NHMC’s Television Writers Program. Over the span of six weeks the participants will complete a pilot that can be used to help them get staffed on a show, get representation or even pitch to production companies and networks. Join us in welcoming the following drama writers to this year’s Latino Scriptwriters Intensive: Carlos Cisco, Joseph Ferrante, Rafael Garcia, Renier Murillo, Brian Otaño, Jesenia Ruiz and Janine Salinas Schoenberg. Brought to you by:new 4

Casting Call for the 2017 NHMC Scene Showcase

  new-4Calling all Latino actors! We are seeking talented Latino actors for the 5th Annual Latino Scene Showcase produced by NHMC and the Los Angeles Theatre Center. If you are an aspiring actor please submit your resume and picture electronically via starting May 1st, deadline to submit is May 16th (search by “2017 Latino Scene Showcase”). Auditions will take place in June, rehearsals in July, and the show date is August 9th, 2017. For more information please visit

D.C. Policy Update

privacy-300x200 NHMC Warns that the Broadband Privacy Decision Leaves Latinos Vulnerable to Corporate Sharing of Personal Information On March 28, the House of Representatives used the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to rescind the FCC’s broadband privacy rules in a 215-205 decision. Despite the flood of over 20,000 calls in less than 48 hours, the House passed the broadband privacy CRA. NHMC released a statement criticizing the vote as “a disturbing rubber stamp from conservative policymakers aimed at dismantling needed consumer protectors for corporate profit.” Voices for Internet Freedom Members Urge FCC to Deliver on Lifeline’s Promise to Close the Digital Divide On March 17, NMHC, Free Press, Center for Media Justice, and Color of Change, members of the Voices for Internet Freedom Coalition (Voices), filed joint comments and reply comments asking the FCC to reinstate nine Lifeline Broadband Providers (LBPs) that had their designation revoked last month. Voices commented that the Wireline Bureau’s Revocation Order erodes Lifeline’s promise by eliminating subsidized broadband opportunities; introduced uncertainty into the program; and rehashed old claims of “waste, fraud, and abuse” that were overblown and not relevant to the certifications of the nine LBPs. The filings also asks the Commission to swiftly implement last year’s Lifeline Modernization Order to help low-income families access broadband and to bridge the digital divide. NHMC Joins 155 Organizations Asking the White House to Better Respond to Hate-Based Incidents Across the County The statement, released on March 10th and signed by 156 civil and human rights organizations, declares, “the President has a moral obligation to use his bully pulpit to speak out against acts of hatred when they occur.” The groups pointed to problematic language and policies used by the President and his surrogates, “that have fostered a hostile environment toward many, including African Americans, Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim, and immigrant and refugee communities.” The statement also asks the President to continue the tradition of a White House interagency task force on hate violence, as well as to more fully invest in the tracking and reporting of hate crimes and affected communities. NHMC Joins Letter with 170 Public Interest Organizations Calling the Senate to Project the Free and Open Internet On March 7, NHMC joined a letter co-signed by more than 170 other public-interest organizations to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John Thune and Ranking Member Bill Nelson. The letter asks these leaders to protect the free and open internet by continuing to enforce the 2015 Open Internet Order and opposing legislative and regulatory actions that would threaten net neutrality rules. The letter was later introduced into the record at the March 8th Senate FCC oversight hearing. NHMC Comments on Social Justice Implications of Digital Millennium Copyright Act On February 21, NHMC endorsed comments from the Institute for Intellectual Property and Social Justice (IIPSJ) to the U.S. Copyright Office on the impact of Digital Millennium Copyright Act. IIPSJ explained that the Safe Harbor structure has enabled a “robust and innovative online environment” that can still be improved in some aspects. The comments specifically praise the Safe Harbor framework for allowing the public to use copyrighted work in free speech efforts in the public interest and commended the office for potential future educational efforts. The comments also highlight the difficulties of costly litigation for stakeholders with limited resources and oppose the adoption of a “notice and stay-down” mechanism that would severely limit free expression and creative exchanges over the internet.

Cristina Fernandez from the NHMC Latino Scene Showcase to be Featured on Powerless

Congratulations to NHMC Latino Scene Showcase actress Cristina Fernandez, who recently booked a role on NBC’s Powerless!crisitina-headshot-252x300 (1) “For the NHMC Scene Showcase, I was teamed up with a fantastic group of people for my scene – all working professionals, from the writer to the director to my fellow actors. Immediately after, I met with a fantastic manager, signed with him, and right away I had three TV auditions lined up – one of which I booked. I recently appeared on the ne w NBC DC Comics series Powerless, starring Vanessa Hudgens! All of the hard work I did and the connections I made finally came together because of the Latino Scene Showcase,” said Cristina. Tune into a rerun of Cristina’s episode of Powerless on April 20th on NBC.

NHMC’s Team Continues to Grow

Recently, NHMC has welcomed two new members to the team. Cruz Castillo has been brought on as Social Media Coordinator to help the communications assistant with any social media activity on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to Cruz, NHMC’s social media followers have grown drastically in the short amount of time he’s been here. Make sure to follow NHMC on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We’ve recently been verified on Twitter! logo-cahAs you may remember, a few months back, NHMC started the Coalition Against Hate with more than 56 partner organizations with the mission to #breakhate. To grow the organization during this crucial time in our country, join us in welcoming Linda Stevens as Media Advisor! Linda is a marketing and media consultant for ValRod Media Inc. We look forward to her organizational and programming skills to take the Coalition to the next step. To visit the Coalition Against Hate’s website, click here.

NHMC Celebrates Women’s History Month

  During March, NHMC celebrated Women’s History Month by highlighting NHMC’s staff and board members. Please visit NHMC on Instagram to view all of the amazing staff and board members’ biographies and career highlights.

NHMC Board Member Brenda Nogales (L) at this year’s Women’s March in Los Angeles


Farmworker Justice Annual Award Reception (DC)


Photo Credit: Farmworker Justice

The Farmworker Justice Annual Award Reception, held in Washington, D.C., is soon approaching! This year, the reception will be held at the Loew’s Madison Hotel on May 4th. Honorees include Kerry Kennedy and Moises Loza. To sponsor the event or purchase tickets, click here.]]>

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