LETTER: Low-income Broadband Access Letter to Senators

“Affordable broadband is critical to:

  • Provide telehealth for everyone – particularly seniors and veterans. Patients and people with disabilities must have a reliable broadband service at home to take advantage of remote health care and the additional authorization for telehealth in the CARES Act.
  • Ensure a more rapid end to the COVID-19 emergency. Broadband enables all people in the United States to comply more easily with national social distancing guidelines and local orders, which will mean a faster end to the outbreak.
  • Economic security. As we attempt to rebuild our economy, workers and small business owners need a quality broadband service to safely work from home, serve their customers remotely or apply for emergency benefits.
  • Fill the ‘homework gap.’ This fall, students are still likely, at best, to blend at-home and in-class learning. To be effective, high-speed broadband at home must meet the needs of a whole family and withstand intensive network use.”

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