January 2011

In this issue:

  • Statement of NHMC on shooting in Tucson, Arizona
  • NHMC’s 25th Anniversary
  • NLMC Television Writing Program
  • NHMC’s Media Policy
  • Google Policy Fellowship
  • Tip of the Month
  • January Shout-Out

Statement of the NHMC on Heinous Shooting in Tucson, Arizona

NHMC is horrified by the senseless shooting rampage that occurred over the weekend in Tucson, Arizona. Our condolences and prayers go out to the victims and their families.We are saddened that it takes a tragedy of this nature for the media and the public to notice that we have a serious problem in this country with extremist rhetoric and activities. Indeed, this month marks the second anniversary of NHMC’s call to action on hate speech in media, whereby NHMC made two requests: (1) that the Federal Communications Commission open a public docket to examine the extent and effects of hate speech in media, and non-regulatory options for counteracting the violence that extreme rhetoric breeds; and (2) that the National Telecommunications and Information Administration update its 1993 report, The Role of Telecommunications in Hate Crimes so that it may address the realities of how people communicate in the digital age. To date, the government has not acted upon our requests. In the meantime, we have witnessed the horrific murders and maiming of countless victims, many of whom remain in the shadows. The government must act NOW so that it may understand the underlying reasons behind hate crimes and other acts of rhetoric-induced violence. Only with this understanding may it protect the people of this country, including our members of Congress, who must be able to interact safely with their constituents in their districts so that they may represent them on the Hill – a fundamental tenet of our democracy. To learn more about NHMC’s campaign against hate speech in media, please click here. If you would like to join our plea for government action, please visit https://www.nhmc.org/content/take-action.

NHMC’s 25th Anniversary

The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) embraces 2011 and celebrates its 25th anniversary of opening doors for Latinos in all media. The year-long celebration will commemorate NHMC’s 25 years of history and achievements. The 25th anniversary celebration will kick-off during the 14th Annual Impact Awards Gala which will be held on February 25, 2011 at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. The annual soiree acclaims outstanding theatrical, television and film performances by Latinos both in front and back of camera. Presently, confirmed honorees for the gala are Sofia Vergara for her stellar role in ABC’s show Modern Family, and Spanish radio host, Isabel Gomez-Bassols, for her outstanding service to the Latino community through her daily talk-show on Univision radio. For sponsorship opportunities or to purchase tickets contact Tatiana Arizaga at (626) 792-6462 or tarizaga@nhmc.org.

NLMC Television Writing Program

The highly competitive National Latino Media Council (NLMC) 2010 Television Writing Program concluded this past month. The annual program is conducted near Burbank, CA and a total of 10 writers were recruited nationwide from our established network of NHMC chapters, other non-profits, and universities. The goal of the program is to prepare and place Latinos in writing jobs for the major television networks. The ten chosen participants of this year’s program partook in an intensive five week workshop guided by former NBC VP of Script Development, Geoff Harris. During the five-week program, the writers wrote a spec script based on an existing primetime TV show that is being aired on broadcast TV or cable TV. Currently, the scripts are being evaluated by network executives at ABC and NBC and we hope that our talented writers are soon hired on a show. Training and placing Latinos in writing positions in television directly responds to the lack of jobs for Latino writers in the television industry and the negative stereotypes currently seen on television. It is NHMC’s goal to continue training the upcoming generations of qualified Latinos. Writer’s program alumni continue to network by attending bi-monthly "Writer’s Program Gatherings" hosted by NHMC. NHMC brings speakers to the gatherings who share their writing experiences to guide and mentor our writers. Last month’s speaker was Emmy Award winning producer and writer Peter Murrieta who hosted us in his theater, bang Comedy Theatre. Murrieta spoke about the importance of writing diverse stories and maintaining close relationships with fellow writers since they will become each others "old wise men" throughout their careers. After Murrieta’s speech, writers mingled and enjoyed food and drinks. The next gathering will take place in March. The 2011 Writing Program submission period will begin in April. Click for more information about the writer’s program.

NHMC’s Media Policy Blog

NHMC introduces its 2011 Federal Policy Priorities to include its Campaign Against Hate Speech in Media, Universal Broadband, Network Neutrality, Media Industry Diversity, Public Interest Obligations for Broadcasters, Consumer Protection, and Positive Portrayals of Latinos in Media. Stay tuned for NHMC’s new Media Policy Blog to keep you posted on the latest policy updates.

Google Policy Fellowship

NHMC is excited to announce its participation in the Google Policy Fellowship Program. The summer 2011 fellowship is for those students currently enrolled in a law degree program. Fellows will be based in Washington D.C and will work on complex legal and policy issues. The Fellow will be invited to attend meetings with decision makers at the FCC and in Congress, as well as coalition meetings with media reform and civil rights activists. Fellow will receive a stipend and the application deadline is January 17. Read more.

Tip of the Month

Producers Institute for New Media Technologies The Producers Institute for New Media Technologies is seeking proposals for science-themed interactive and participatory digital media projects and tools. Since 2007, the Producers Institute has been connecting documentary filmmakers to emerging technologies, creating new participatory platforms and transmedia experiences that have become integral tools for social change movements on the ground. Deadline for Proposals is 5pm PST on January, 17, 2011. Read more.

January Shout-Out

New Latino Web-series "Los Americans" Award winning executive producer Robert Townsend has joined forces with award winning writer, producer and director Dennis Leoni on a new U.S. Latino dramatic web series titled "Los Americans." The drama series tells the journey of a middle class Latino family in Los Angeles that tackles difficult issues, such as the economy and every day real-life problems that face all families in America. The series will star Esai Morales (Caprica, Jericho), Lupe Ontiveros (Southland, Family Guy) and Raymond Cruz (The Closer, Breaking Bad). Tony Plana (Ugly Betty, Resurrection Blvd) is scheduled to guest star.]]>

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