IN THE NEWS: Smartphones Bring Hope, Frustration As Substitute For Computers

The Huffington Post, Author: Gerry Smith] When Erick Huerta was growing up in Los Angeles, his family could not afford a computer. His mother sold tamales from a street-side stall, and his father drove a taxi. Huerta and his three sisters were more worried whether their parents could pay rent than whether they could get online. Yet when Huerta, 27, enrolled at East Los Angeles College, he knew he would need reliable Internet access for his coursework. So four years ago, he spent $250 of his scholarship money on a piece of technology he could afford: a smartphone. He split the cost of a wireless plan with a friend and used his iPhone for almost everything, from checking email and taking notes to conducting research and writing papers. The experience typically proved exasperating. Typing papers entailed pecking away for hours on the small screen, an exercise that left his fingers…Click here to read more.]]>