IN THE NEWS: Is this the end for a homophobic talk show? - After months of protest, the "Spanish-language Jerry Springer Show" gets its own beatdown

Salon, AUTHOR: Mary Elizabeth Williams] Imagine "The Jerry Springer Show" without the warmth and humor. Picture it instead with extra racism and homophobia, and in Spanish. What you've got now is "Jose Luis Sin Censura," the popular, raunchy daytime talk show that airs a media saturating two times every weekday in 37 markets throughout the country. But after months of protest and complaints to the FCC from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and the National Hispanic Media Coalition, its reign may soon be coming to an end. On Thursday, GLAAD and the NHMC announced that both AT&T and Time Warner Cable had pulled advertising from the show. And two affiliates, WSVN-TV in Miami and KCTU-TV in Wichita, have dropped it. In a television landscape that features "Baby Mama Meltdowns" and "KARAOKE CHEATING" and "Freaky Eaters" just how low does a show have to stoop to be considered distasteful? All the way to Grossout Town. On that front, "Jose Luis Sin Censura" really does regularly manage to go the extra mile... Continue reading...]]>

National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) is a woman-led 501(c)(3) non-profit civil and human rights organization that was founded to eliminate hate, discrimination, and racism toward the Latino communities.
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