Honoring Commissioner Mignon L. Clyburn May 9th in Washington DC

Where Do We Go from Here? Words from the Conscience of the FCC, Commissioner Mignon L. Clyburn

Join us on May 9, at 5:00pm in Washington, D.C. to celebrate the extraordinary service of Mignon L. Clyburn as a Commissioner and Acting Chair of the Federal Communications Commission. Commissioner Clyburn recently announced that she will be stepping down from the Commission after more than eight years in that position. During that time, Commissioner Clyburn not only served with courage and distinction but also served as a leader not just in name, but as the conscience of the agency. Her insistence on hearing, sharing and incorporating the stories of people from every walk of life, every background, and every income level has been extraordinary and will set a high bar for every person to serve at the agency.

We will hear Commissioner Clyburn’s thoughts for the next steps in policymaking in the areas of communications, media and technology. Help contribute to this event! Tickets are free, donations welcome.

To RSVP click here.

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