February & March 2014

In this edition of NHMC Updates:

  • NHMC TV Writers Program Submission Period Now Open
  • NHMC Media/Telecom Policy Update
  • 2014 NHMC MediaCon Takes Diversity and Latino Inclusion in Media to the Next Level
  • Ensuring Fair Media Ownership Rules to Reduce Barriers for Latinos
  • NHMC Sponsors LGBTQ Latino Film Festival
  • Law Students: Apply Now to 2014 Google Policy Fellowship Program
  • Latino Stars Speak Out For Inclusive Hollywood, Immigration Reform at 2014 NHMC Impact Awards Gala

Calling All Aspiring Television Writers!

The submission period for the 2014 NHMC Television Writers Program is now open! Please visit www.nhmc.org/writersprogram for information on how to apply. Submission deadline is July 31, 2014.

About the Program:

The NHMC Television Writers Program was created in 2003 and is an intensive scriptwriters workshop that prepares Latinos for writing jobs at the major television networks. Modeled after the previously successful Hispanic Film Project, the program is a direct response to the lack of diverse writers in primetime network TV.

The program is designed to familiarize participants with the format, characters and storyline structure of specific shows currently on the air. The goal is for the writers to garner the skills necessary to obtain employment in the industry. The five-week, total immersion workshop is mentored and guided by former NBC VP of Script Development, Geoff Harris and is conducted in Burbank, CA. A total of 10 writers are accepted nationwide. Please note: the program is for seasoned writers who are capable of writing at least a one half-hour comedy or a one-hour dramatic television script in English within a five-week period of time.

Advocating for Latinos in Media/Telecom

NHMC Weighs In on Latino Inclusion at the Oscars

In a Huffington Post piece, NHMC President & CEO Alex Nogales said that, while there were historic wins for Latinos, this was not a big year for Latinos at the Oscars: “The entertainment industry as a whole needs to understand that diversity is an American reality that cannot be ignored. I recognize the steps made towards inclusion of American Latinos. But it is even more critical to recognize the long road still ahead. Or else we risk undermining progress thinking that we have reached real equality.” Read the entire post here.

Advocating for Latinas and All Women in Media

In honor of Women’s History Month, on March 26, 2014, the Media Action Grassroots Network hosted a digital dialogue, “Women and the Media: Reclaiming Our Image” that featured NHMC Executive Vice President & General Counsel Jessica J. González as a speaker.

#NetLibre: Educating and Mobilizing Latinos for Net Neutrality

On March 6, 2014, NHMC joined prominent Latino bloggers, filmmakers, small-business owners, and journalists to address the importance of an open internet to the Latino community. The speakers illuminated the countless ways a level playing field on the internet has helped Latinos and other people of color, who have faced discrimination at the hands of mainstream media. If you missed it, check out this Storify to see how it all went down!

NHMC Executive Vice President & General Counsel Jessica J. González moderated the webinar. Speakers included NHMC Policy Director, Michael Scurato; founder and creator of technology lifestyle blog Mi Vida TecRosa Alonso; DeSuMama blogger Vanessa Bell; actress/writer/activist Ruth Livier; National Association of Latino Producers (NALIP) Executive Director Axel Caballero; and National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) President Hugo Balta. The webinar was hosted by NHMCNAHJNALIP, and the Voices for Internet Freedom Coalition.

 3rd Annual NHMC MediaCon Takes Diversity and Latino Inclusion in Media to the Next Level

mediaconOn March 27, 2014, NHMCgathered more than 250 media and entertainment industry executives and insiders, Latino industry professionals looking to take the next step in their careers, as well as Latinos looking to break into the industry, at the 2014 NHMC MediaCon, held at the Hilton Universal Hotel in Los Angeles. This year’s keynote panel featured the heads of entertainment at ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC, who discussed the future of broadcast television and the importance of having diversity at all levels of employment in their networks. For photos and video, visit NHMC’s Flickr and YouTube. For more information, visit www.nhmc.org/mediacon.

Latino Stars Speak Out For Inclusive Hollywood, Immigration Reform at 17th Annual NHMC Impact Awards Gala

impactawardsOn February 28, 2014, NHMC honored “Cesar Chavez” director Diego Luna, Academy Award-nominated Demian Bichir, legendary actor and filmmaker Edward James Olmos, actress Emily Rios, “American Hustle” and “Nebraska” executive producer George Parra, and Comcast NBCUniversal at the 17th Annual NHMC Impact Awards Gala at the historic Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills. The NHMC Impact Awards Gala recognizes the outstanding achievements and contributions to the positive portrayals of Latinos in media. For photos and videos, visit NHMC’s StorifyFacebook Flickr, andYouTube. For more information, visit www.nhmc.org/impactawards.

NHMC Media/Telecommunications Policy Shop Update

The policy shop has been busy in DC for the past few weeks on a number of issues.

ownershipIn its fight for a more diverse and inclusive media ecosystem, NHMC is ready to weigh in on the FCC’s just-announced review of its media ownership rules, which is directed by Congress to be conducted every 4 years. Ownership of television and radio stations by women and people of color is incredibly low, and as a result, the national discourse has become more monolithic and less respectful of the needs of many communities. For years, the FCC has dropped the ball on conducting the research and analysis necessary to create meaningful opportunities for people of color to enter the market. NHMC is working to ensure the upcoming review is different, and has been walking the halls of Congress to gather support for an FCC review that puts diversity front and center and results in forward-thinking proposals. A number of members of Congress seem to agree, and recently sent Chairman Wheeler letters urging him to finally put the FCC on the right track.

Recognizing that a lack of representation in traditional media has led many in the Latino community to the internet to share their stories, NHMC has been actively participating at the FCC as it attempts to respond to a recent court decision and reinstate rules to protect the open internet. Towards the end of March, NHMC sent a letter to the FCC, along with other leaders of the Voices for Internet Freedom movement, urging the Chairman to fully assert the FCC’s authority over internet access services by reclassifying such services as Title II telecommunications services. The significance of this proposed course of action is that many have recognized that it will allow the FCC to prevent blocking and discrimination of traffic on the internet, discourage profit-seeking pay-to-play arrangements, and set the FCC on firm footing to pursue other goals when it comes to broadband affordability, privacy, and accessibility for people with disabilities – among other things. NHMC will continue this fight to ensure that the FCC protects consumers and preserves this game-changing platform.

On the merger front, NHMC is taking a very close look at Comcast’s proposal to acquire Time Warner Cable – particularly whether Comcast has fulfilled all of the commitments it made to the Latino community in the context of its acquisition of NBC Universal. NHMC will be reviewing and evaluating the documents that Comcast filed at the FCC on April 8.

Attention Law Students: Apply to 2014 Google Policy Fellowship

We just announced our participation in the 2014 Google Policy Fellowship Program. Through this program, NHMC will be hiring a law student intern to join its team in the summer of 2014. The fellow will work directly with NHMC’s Policy Director and will be based in our Washington, D.C. office. Deadline to apply is April 14, 2014. To apply and for more information, click here.

Community Alerts & News

Conéctate Do you or someone you know lack internet access at home? In California, please dial 2-1-1 or visit www.everyoneon.org/nhmc for information on how to connect your family to affordable computers and internet service. Outside of California, please visit www.everyoneon.org/nhmc (available in English and Spanish)

Help NHMC Continue Working Towards Affordable and Open Communications

Recently, NHMC submitted two proposals to fund its work towards ensuring affordable, open and universal communications. The first is a joint proposal with the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) called “LOVE: Latinos Organizing Virtually for Equality,” a bilingual, multi-platform, multi-media campaign to educate people about the importance of network neutrality; and the other is called “Closing the Opportunity Divide.” Read the proposals  here and here. We encourage you to “applaud” and comment on them.

NHMC Sponsors LGBTQ Latino Film Festival in Los Angeles

lqaffNHMC is proud to be a Friend of the Festival sponsor the first annual Latino/a Queer Film Festival (LQAFF), to be held from April 10-13, 2014 at the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center’s Village at Ed Gould Plaza.  LQAFF will feature films by and about LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer)  Latinos, as well art, performances, a launch party, food, music, networking opportunities, and Q&As with filmmakers and featured cast members. For full schedule and ticket information, please visit  www.lqaff.com.


Congratulations to two former NHMC law fellows who have landed big positions this past month!Fabiola Rivas (2011) recently joined Azteca America as a Junior Attorney. Fabiola attended American University’s Washington College of Law and is licensed to practice in California.
In the fall, Brenda Villanueva (2012) will join the Federal Communications Commission in its Attorney Honors Program. Brenda will be graduating from the University of Maryland School of Law in May, and sitting for the bar exam in July.
Both joined NHMC through the highly-competitive Google Policy Fellowship Program, an excellent, paid internship opportunity for students to work a summer in Washington, D.C. under host organizations, including NHMC. Google and NHMC are now accepting applications for summer 2014. For more information about NHMC’s policy fellowship program, including information about how you can help sponsor these aspiring Latino stars, please visithttps://www.nhmc.org/programs/policy-fellowship-program/.

#JOB Resources

The NHMC Jobs, Internships, and Programs online posting service is a great success and is among the most visited pages on NHMC’s website. NHMC is now receiving a record number of job postings. Thanks to NHMC interns, this page is kept current.
We ask recruiting employers to support these efforts by sending a donation to NHMC so that NHMC volunteers can receive stipends for their efforts. Your contribution furthers NHMC’s mission to increase the number of American Latinos employed in all facets of the media industry. NHMC is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status. Contributions are tax deductible. Email job listings to info@nhmc.org.

Benefits of donating include:

  • Job listing(s) received will be added to the NHMC website within the same business day it is received. An email confirmation will be sent with link.
  • Job listing(s) will be shared via NHMC’s Facebook page and Twitter.
  • Job listing(s) removal requests: Email confirmation of removal will be sent within one business day.

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