FCC’s $48M Settlement with T-Mobile Sends Clear Message on Protecting Consumer Choice and Internet Access, Says NHMC


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FCC’s $48M Settlement with T-Mobile Sends Clear Message on Protecting Consumer Choice and Internet Access, Says NHMC

FCC and T-Mobile Agree to Clearer Disclosures about Customer Plans, Provide Critical Support to Public Schools to Address the “Homework Gap”

Today, the Federal Communications Commission announced a $48 million settlement with T-Mobile after finding that the company slowed data speeds of customers with “unlimited” plans who exceeded a monthly data threshold. Said Jessica J. González, executive vice president and general counsel for the National Hispanic Media Coalition: “This settlement is critically important to ensuring that all mobile internet customers have a clear explanation of their data plans. More than 25 percent of T-Mobile subscribers are Latinos who rely on high-speed and high-quality internet to communicate and express themselves online and we look forward to the company’s updated disclosures. “On average, Latinos pay more for mobile phone services than any other group and are disproportionately affected by the ‘homework gap’ that this settlement will also help to address. We applaud the FCC for defending consumers and tackling barriers that people of color face in accessing phone and internet service by putting T-Mobile’s resources to work for those who were misled by the company and our next generation of leaders who lack the benefits of internet access at home and in school. “We appreciate that T-Mobile has stepped up to fund and launch a charitable “Investment in Youth” program at a minimum funding level of $5 million. The multi-year program will be targeted at addressing the digital divide and ‘homework gap’ in public schools by providing certain Title I schools with free wireless tablets for use by students at home and discounted or free wireless service.” In addition to the $5 million for the “Investment in Youth” program, the $48 million in financial commitments to be made by T-Mobile includes a $7.5 million fine and $35.5 million in consumer benefits offered to T-Mobile and Metro PCS customers with “unlimited” plans.


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