Facebook’s Two Year Ban Opens the Door for Future Hate Targeting Latinos


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June 07, 2021


A Statement  from Brenda Victoria Castillo, President & CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC)


Facebook announced on June 4th that the company is not permanently banning Donald Trump from the platform, and instead will allow the former president the opportunity to reinstate his accounts in 2023—just in time to stage a digital campaign base for a 2024 Presidential run. NHMC condemns Facebook’s characterless decision to deliberately choose to put Latinx and other vulnerable communities' lives at risk with a non-permanent ban of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has proven time after time that he can not be trusted with online influence, and we saw this manifest itself into the January 6th Insurrection, the 2019 El Paso Massacre, Stop the Count rallies, attacks on Asian Americans as well as street vendors, and so many more unfathomable acts of hate and violence inspired by him. NHMC firmly believes that online hate leads to hate actions in real life, and giving Trump the opportunity to come back online on Facebook is a direct threat to the safety and security of our democracy.  

This announcement comes after a year-long battle with Facebook to act on Spanish-language disinformation as new studies show the powerful effects of disinformation spread by Donald Trump and his supporters. Even as the former president was banned from the platform, Facebook’s labels on disinformation amplified instead of curbed harmful campaigns touting voter suppression and election fraud messaging. 

As the sole, unchecked leader of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg’s power and influence is single-handedly one of the biggest threats to our country’s democracy. NHMC continues to demand Facebook permanently ban Donald Trump,  and that social media platforms, like Facebook, be held accountable for the role they play in the proliferation of White supremacy and hate. 


Yours in the Movement,

Brenda Victoria Castillo
President & CEO
National Hispanic Media Coalition



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