Eva Longoria, NHMC Visionary Alliance Member on the cover of Town & Country!

March 30, 2023


NHMC’s Visionary Alliance member, Eva Longoria graces the cover of Town & Country for their April Issue

Eva Longoria sits down with Erik Maza, Executive Style Director of Town & Country to discuss Longoria’s passion for producing, philanthropy, and energizing Latinos on political issues affecting the community.

Longoria has never been afraid to use her platform for ideas she feels strongly about. “In an industry obsessed with protecting your brand and rarely taking risks, Eva has charted her own path,” Maza writes.

Maza continues, ‘It’s the unspoken sense among outsiders, immigrants like me and even those born here, like her, that when everybody else is producing at 100 percent, we have to deliver at 150. “You can’t take your foot off the gas.”

Longoria shared upcoming projects and her directional debut of Flamin’ Hot, which premiered at the South by Southwest Festival and will be available to stream on Hulu and Disney+ on June 9th.

April’s issue of Town & Country is on newsstands now.