A Message from the President & CEO 

Dear NHMC Friends, 
During these unprecedented times, it is my distinct and humble honor to lead the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC). Though we are feeling the same challenge that the world is facing, NHMC remains steadfast on the front lines to advocate on behalf of the most vulnerable communities within the tech and media policy debates. When some businesses have completely closed for the time being, our mission has increased as we push for the right to internet access. During this pandemic, people have the right to stay connected to their doctors, teachers, colleagues, and loved ones. Help us keep the community’s mission alive by supporting NHMC
NHMC’s work is as relevant as ever as our country moves almost entirely digital. We understand that in tough economic times, our community is historically one of the first and the hardest hit demographics. More than 70 percent of the United States’ population does not have the ability to work from home. The remote working gap is even higher for Latinos–83.8 percent of whom do not have the ability to work from home. While many aspects of business and government have slowed during this pandemic, NHMC is ramping up our efforts to ensure that Latinos are not left behind or forgotten. 
It is paramount that we center the Latinx creative community during these uncertain economic times. As a widely underrepresented demographic in Hollywood, Latinx actors, directors, producers, and beyond are vulnerable while film and series productions slow to a halt. NHMC continues to bridge creators with the entertainment industry through our education and workforce development programs the Television Scriptwriters Program and the Latinx Stream Showcase.
It is also critical to center the Latinx digital divide in all of our conversations about the COVID-19 pandemic. The Latinx digital divide refers to the approximately one third of Latinos who do not have access to the internet at home. This number is likely to increase, leaving many of our loved ones disconnected as our community faces rising unemployment numbers. NHMC continues to educate policymakers on the vital need for internet access for our community, particularly during this time of shelter-in-place orders. Additionally, NHMC is working hard to fight for the expansion of broadband access through existing means, like the Federal Communication Commission’s Lifeline program
If one thing is certain, it is that our community is resilient. NHMC is honored to have your trust and support as we work to protect and expand the digital rights and media representation. 

Yours In The Movement,

Brenda Victoria Castillo
President & CEO
National Hispanic Media Coalition

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