DEADLINE: The National Hispanic Media Coalition Premieres Latinx Stream Showcase

EXCLUSIVE: The National Hispanic Media Coalition premiered its Latinx Stream Showcase on Wednesday to uplift and promote Latinx talent in the entertainment industry.

The presentation will show 7 short films written, directed, acted, and produced by Latinx talent for an audience of industry executives, casting directors, producers, agents, managers, and audiences for consideration both above and below the line.

“While the entertainment industry has shown some progress towards being more inclusive of the Latinx community, we are still woefully underrepresented both in front of and behind the camera,” said Brenda Victoria Castillo, President & CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition. “With this showcase, we want to shine a light on the talented creatives the industry has yet to discover. These individuals are bringing incredible stories—from our communities—to life, for all the world to see.”

Learn more about the featured short films below.

Hermanas revolves around two sisters with opposing personalities who are forced to address family issues while waiting for the results of a pregnancy test.

Directed by Michael Martinez; written by Abigail Saenz; and starring Lorena Jorge (Yasmin), and Frenceli Chapman (Teresa).

Sorta Rican involves two siblings debating the realities of being biracial and their connection to the motherland.

Directed by Steph Oh; written by Angelina Villapiano; and starring Sergio Gavidia (Rob), and Kaylah Pantaleón (Angelina).

You’ll Be Happy Here is about a lonely old woman who entertains an unexpected house guest with a story that sucks him in—and keeps him there.

Directed by Brenda Castillo; written by Christopher Ureña; and starring Jay Phoenix (David), and Juana Samayoa (Gladys).

Welcome Back where a father extends an invitation back home to his black sheep son after picking him up from the police station, exposing their strained relationship and expectations of each other.

Directed by Edwin Gomez; written by Gabriel Najar; and starring Gino Montesinos (Pops), and Roland Ruiz (Pops).

The Swimmers centers on the pressures of procreating, in which a baby-fevered couple tries to keep the temperature and spirits high with the union of biology, Latinx culture, and love.

Directed by Michael Martinez; written by Rachel Strauss Muniz; and starring Ariana Sanchez (Rosa), and César Carmona (Eddie).

Werq It tells the story of a struggling actor as he comes home from an audition one afternoon, and unexpectedly finds out he has been kicked out of his apartment by his frustrated girlfriend.

Directed by Dominic Colón; written by Edwin Gomez; and starring Priscilla Walker (Angie), and Isaias Miranda (Rey).

Legends is a story about an aspiring actor who gets offered the role of a lifetime, but it comes at too high a cost.

Directed by Michael Martinez; written by Erik Galindo; and starring Leo Hernandez (Actor), and Gilbert Chavarria (Agent).

The showcase can be viewed now HERE.

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