Chilling reports of calculated inhumanity against children

July 19, 2023

Migrants walk along concertina wire blocking their entrance to the U.S. in Eagle Pass, Texas, Monday, July 10, 2023.

Photo: Jerry Lara, San Antonio Express-News

A Statement from Brenda Victoria Castillo, President & CEO of the 

National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC)

“These chilling reports of calculated inhumanity against children and asylum seekers on the Texas border are not only deeply disturbing, but monstrous. 

Such actions, if true, are a blatant betrayal of our nation's values, approaching the territory of state-sanctioned torture.

We demand an immediate and thorough investigation into the situation in Texas, ensuring that such evil is fully revealed to the public, swiftly eradicated, and never allowed to happen again.”

Yours in the Movement,

Brenda Victoria Castillo

President & CEO

National Hispanic Media Coalition

State law enforcement officers stand guard as workers deploy a string of buoys to prevent migrants from swimming across the Rio Grande in Eagle Pass on July 14. A state trooper has alleged that officers deployed as part of Gov. Greg Abbott's Operation Lone Star were ordered to push migrants, including children, back into the river. 
Photo: Jordan Vonderhaar, The Texas Tribune

State investigating claim that DPS troopers were told to push migrants back into the Rio Grande and deny them water

By Uriel J. García July 18, 2023

From “The Office of the Inspector General is investigating the claims, which include pushing small children and women with nursing babies back into the river and turning away a 4-year-old girl who later passed out on the riverbank from the heat.

A state trooper’s claims that superiors ordered officers at the border in Eagle Pass to push migrants back into the Rio Grande and deny them water has sparked a state investigation, the Texas Department of Public Safety said Tuesday.

The trooper also reported that razor wire deployed by troopers has injured people — including a woman who had a miscarriage while entangled in the wire.” 

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Members of the Texas Congressional Delegation held a press conference yesterday on Governor Abbott's Border Operations. To view the press conference in its entirety, click on image below.

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