April & May 2014

In this edition of NHMC Updates
  • Holding MSNBC Accountable for Stereotypical Segment
  • Standing in Solidarity with the African American Community
  • Ensuring Latino Inclusion in Tech
  • Mobilizing the Latino Community for an Open Internet
  • NHMC Media and Telecommunications Policy Shop Update
  • Albuquerque Passes Responsible Speech Memorial
  • Save the Date: NHMC Local Impact Awards Luncheon and DC Impact Awards Reception
Calling All Aspiring Television Writers! 

The deadline to apply for the NHMC TV Writers Program is in less than two months. Hear from NHMC TV Writers Program graduates talk about the program in our new video. For more information on how to apply, visit  www.nhmc.org/writersprogram. Submission deadline is July 31, 2014.

By increasing the amount of Latinos working behind the camera, NHMC aims to increase and improve portrayals of Latinos on primetime TV. Read more on our blog. Advocating for Latinos and Other People of Color

Holding MSNBC Accountable for Stereotypical Segment 

After a stereotypical Cinco de Mayo segment aired on an MSNBC show, NHMC joined the National Association of Hispanic Journalists in denouncing the piece, and after both organizations reached out , MSNBC apologized. Read more on Examiner.comLatin Post, and Fox News Latino.  A few weeks later, MSNBC announced that it hired anchor Jose Diaz-Balart to host a show on the network.

Standing In Solidarity with the African-American Community

Following leaked racist remarks made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, NHMCdenounced the remarks and joined a rally celebrating the NBA’s decision to fine and ban Donald Sterling. NHMC was included in news coverage by Yahoo! Sports,Latin Post, international news syndicate EfeBroadcasting & CableNBC 4 Southern CaliforniaSan Gabriel Valley TribuneLAist, and La Opinión.

Ensuring Latino Inclusion in Tech 

After Google released figures showing low Latino employment at the company, NHMC issued a statement urging Google to take the next step to increasing Latino inclusion at the company. Read NHMC’s full press release here.

Mobilizing the Community for an Open Internet

openinternetNHMC has been actively involved in work to prevent the FCC from destroying network neutrality, an issue that has seen many developments in the last few months. Following an FCC announcement of plans to create a paid internet fastlane in late April, NHMC and allied organizations mobilized to protect the open internet.  NHMC Executive Vice President & General Counsel Jessica Gonzalez did several interviews, including  RT America and a radio interview on Pacifica Radio. On net neutrality, NHMC was also included in coverage by The NationDaily KosLatin Post, andBillMoyers.com, and BlogHer.com.

NHMC Media/Telecommunications Policy Shop Update

In Washington, DC, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has a full and overflowing plate of issues to deal with, from important questions about the regulation of our 21st century communications networks, to the future of broadcasting, as well as a handful of upcoming mega-mergers to evaluate.

NHMC staff has been intimately engaged on work to prevent the FCC from destroying network neutrality – the principle that all  data should be treated equally on the Internet. The FCC Chairman recently proposed rules that would allow Internet service providers to make special deals with big companies so that those who can pay more can reach Internet users faster and more reliably than those who cannot afford to pay. Because of efforts from NHMC and allies, the Chairman set out a proposal that, at least, asks questions about NHMC’s preferred path forward — having the FCC set enforceable rules of the road using its broad authority to regulate telecommunications services — but much work is yet to be done. Such a move would not only open the door for the FCC to establish network neutrality rules on firm legal footing, but also clear a path for the FCC to extend Lifeline benefits to broadband, which would create more affordable home broadband options for the poor.  In the coming months, NHMC will participate extensively in the proceeding at the FCC to ensure that the open Internet is preserved.

In Congress, the Hate Crime Reporting Act now has 33 co-sponsors in the House, and was introduced in the Senate by Senator Ed Markey (D-MA). The Hate Crime Reporting Act would direct the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) to update the 1993 report, “The Role of Telecommunications in Hate Crimes.” NHMC brought the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Mark Potok to the Hill in early May to arm members with data about the proliferation of hate crimes through media. Mark shared hishorrifying findings about the “Stormfront” website. Users of this, the #1 hate web-site in the world, have committed nearly 100 murders in just the past five years. In those meetings, and others, NHMC continued to educate offices about the dangers of hate speech in the media and online.

Albuquerque Passes Responsible Speech Memorial 

By a 5-3 vote, Albuquerque, New Mexico’s city council passed a memorial urging local media outlets to use responsible speech and avoid derogatory language and inaccurate representation of marginalized groups. “This memorial speaks to the dignity we all deserve and why we should use uplifting language, instead of language designed to further oppression,” wrote Albuquerque City Councilor Ray Garduño in a blog post.  The victory is a result of efforts by the Media Literacy Project, whose mission is to transform people into critical media consumers and engaged media justice advocates, which said it hopes ” this memorial will serve as a national model for other municipal governments that would like to show their commitment to responsible speech.” Congratulations to the city of Albuquerque and to the Media Literacy Project!

Save the Date

NHMC Bids Farewell to Spring 2014 Intern, Welcomes Summer 2014 Fellow 

NHMC recently welcomed Jonathan Diaz, a rising second-year Harvard Law School student, to Washington, DC as its summer 2014 Google Policy Fellow. Read more about him on NHMC’s blog.

NHMC recently said goodbye to spring 2014 intern Alejandro Gonzalez-Tate, a rising third-year at Stanford University majoring in Science, Technology and Society. Alejandro interned at NHMC’s Washington, DC office as part of the Stanford in Washington program. Best of luck to Alejandro!


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