2018 #OscarsSoWhite Protest

As you know, NHMC and the Latino community in Los Angeles will be demonstrating this Saturday, March 3rd, against the chronic underrepresentation of Latinos in Hollywood. But, while the physical demonstration is happening in Hollywood, we want our voice to be heard nationwide. That is why we are asking that on March 3rd, and on March 4th (the day of the Oscars), you Tweet your support for our fight for more Latino representation in front of and in back of camera.

We will be using the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite and we will also be tagging the six major film studios so they know we are calling them out and that enough is enough. We want them to know the Latino community will no longer stand for not seeing ourselves on screen or having our representation be solely in stereotypical or offensive ways. The only way we can make them notice is to have them see #OscarsSoWhite trending this weekend. So let your voice be heard.You can find the six major film studio Twitter handles below as well as some sample tweets. Thank you for your support.

Twitter Handles:

Warner Bros. - @wbpictures

Twentieth Century Fox - @20thcenturyfox

Paramount Pictures - @ParamountPics

Universal Pictures - @UniversalPics

Sony Pictures - @SonyPictures

Walt Disney Studios - @DisneyStudios

Main Hashtag:


Sample Tweets:

Another year goes by and still almost ZERO Latino leads in any movies. @20thcenturyfox @UniversalPics where are the Latinos? When are you going to include us? #OscarsSoWhite #HireUSLatinos Putting Oscar Issac in one or two movies a year is not enough. Latinos are fed up with not seeing ourselves on screen. We don't want change, we demand change. @DisneyStudios, @ParamountPics, @20thcenturyfox, @SonyPictures #OscarsSoWhite #HireUSLatinos Black Panther is proof that POC can sell movies. So, how about instead of another Captain America we do America Chavez instead @DisneyStudios? #HireUSLatinos

There have been 90 Oscars ceremonies. And a Latina has NEVER won Best Actress. Who will be the first to give a Latina a chance to make history? @DisneyStudios @SonyPictures @UniversalPics @ParamountPics @20thcenturyfox @wbpictures #HireUSLatinos.@DisneyStudios @SonyPictures @UniversalPics @ParamountPics @20thcenturyfox @wbpictures if you refuse to hire Latinos as leads in your movies then you can forget about getting my money at the box office.


Latinos are fed up with not seeing ourselves on screen. We buy 24% of all movie tickets. @DisneyStudios @SonyPictures @UniversalPics @ParamountPics @20thcenturyfox @wbpictures if you want that number to stay, you need to #HireUSLatinos and do it ASAP.

If you are in Los Angeles, you can find information on the demonstration below:

You can RSVP here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2018-nhmc-oscarssowhite-protest-tickets-42924871446.

Please also like us on Facebook and RSVP for the demonstration and share the event (https://www.facebook.com/events/2021187014803812/). Logistics for demonstration on March 3rd Where: Corner of Highland and Sunset in Hollywood, CA (In front of Hollywood High School)

Time: 11 AM 11:30 AM - Speakers
The following are a few lots that will be open on Saturday. We have called ahead and were told that these would be open, but obviously there is no guarantee of availability as this will be a busy weekend. Arrive with enough time to find a lot and park if you intend on driving. There is also two-hour street parking throughout the area.
NOTE: If you use Waze to navigate there is also a "Parking Nearby" option on the app. If you are having trouble finding a lot it will show you all the ones nearby and is supremely helpful. 

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