03.16.18 NHMC Letter Urging Congress to Terminate the Extreme Vetting Initiative

On March 16, 2018, NHMC sent a letter to Congress urging them to terminate the Extreme Vetting Initiative, also known as the Visa Lifecycle Vetting Program. The letter states, “The Extreme Vetting Initiative was born out of hate-filled rhetoric and discriminatory policies. If implemented, this initiative would be a federal program riddled with discriminatory intent and procedural defects, and would not pass constitutional muster. Since the harms caused by this program would be impossible to rectify after implementation, we ask that you terminate the proposal to implement the Extreme Vetting Initiative.”

NHMC understands and values ICE’s responsibility and effort to vet visa applicants. However, this program is based on discriminatory objectives and troublesome for reasons that extend beyond the stated objections in the letter. To read the letter, scroll below or click here.

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