Campaign Against Hate Speech

The Power of Media to Breed Hate, Impact Health and Shape Opinions: AND WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT
An Executive Summary of Three Academic Studies and a National Poll

National Poll: The Impact of Media Stereotypes on Opinions and Attitudes Towards Latinos
Latino Decisions and NHMC completed a two-­‐part, multi-­‐method research project examining the impact of media narratives and stereotypes of immigrants and Latinos on non-­‐Latino opinions and attitudes towards Latinos and immigrants.

Webinar – The Power of Media to Breed Hate, Impact Health and Shape Opinions
The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC), together with the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center and Latino Decisions, has released a series of academic studies and a national poll detailing the role of the media in breeding hate and shaping public opinion about Latinos and other groups. Speakers: Alex Nogales (NHMC President & CEO), Matt Barreto (Latino Decisions Founding Partner), and Chon A. Noriega Ph.D. (UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center Director)

American Hate Radio: How a Powerful Outlet for Democratic Discourse Has Deteriorated Into Hate, Racism and Extremism
The report sheds light on the prevalence and the dangers of hate speech on American radio.

Clear Channel’s Company Culture Of Hate Profiteering
Clear Channel’s corporate dominance in the radio market and its reckless culture of hate profiteering, highlighting hate from various Clear Channel pundits.

NHMC Campaign Against Hate Speech in Media
This is an introduction to the subject of hate speech in PowerPoint format.

Fact Sheet: Hate Speech in the Media

Fact Sheet: Hate Speech, Incitement and Hate Crimes in the U.S.
A list of instances of hate speech and incitement in media, as well as hate crimes against Latinos and other people of color in the U.S. (January 2004 – April 2012)

UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center Studies

Using Biological Markers to Measure Stress in Listeners of Commercial Talk Radio (August 2012)

Social Networks for Hate Speech: Commercial Talk Radio and New Media (July 2012)
This study analyzes how social networks that form around the hosts of commercial talk radio shows can propagate messages targeting vulnerable groups.

Key Findings – Social Networks for Hate Speech: Commercial Talk Radio and New Media

Quantifying Hate Speech on Commerical Talk Radio (November 2011)
A pilot study by the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center about hate speech on the radio.

Television Network Reports on Latino Inclusion

The reports rates the Latino inclusion and diversity performance of ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC during the television season, based on the employment of Latino actors, writers, producers, directors, and entertainment executives; program development; procurement; and commitment to diversity and transparency. In addition to summaries of diversity performance , the reports also include recommendations for improvement for the four networks.

Latest: 2014 NLMC Television Network Diversity Report

Reports from Previous Years

Annual Report

The annual report highlights NHMC’s accomplishments in the last year.

NHMC’s 2015 Accomplishments

NHMC’s 2014 Accomplishments

NHMC’s 2013 Accomplishments

NHMC’s 2012 Accomplishments

NHMC’s 2011 Accomplishments

Consumer Protection

Trends in Latino Mobile Phone Usage: And What They Mean for U.S. Telecommunications Policy
The report offers a comprehensive look at the Latino community’s relationship with mobile phones by compiling the most recent data available. It then makes a series of attainable policy recommendations based on that data.