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Linda Fleur Sweigart


Raised on the border of El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, Mexico, Linda studied at an all-girl Catholic school. Linda was a tomboy until she was sent to modeling school to become a beauty queen. Linda spent her childhood perfecting her English and Spanish skills to please her mother, who taught ESL. She learned to shoot guns from her father, a Green Beret, who had severe PTSD. In high school, Linda discovered that her father was actually her stepfather. This precipitated Linda’s rebellious period.

She dated the son of a notorious drug lord until her mother packed her off to study in Spain. Linda has worked in diverse fields, an archeological field-tech, a financial planner, an instructor at Homeland Security, where she taught TSA Agents to find bombs. These experiences led to a passion for storytelling that landed her an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA. When her mother died unexpectedly, her mom’s so-called best friend seduced her stepfather, dumped him at a retirement home, and pillaged the family estate. Heartbroken, Linda took a two-year pilgrimage around the world where she was courted by an Indian Prince, consulted Cambodian fortunetellers, and was hospitalized in Myanmar for a spider-bite. Luckily, she lives to tell the tale.

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