NHMC’s 2017 Latino Scriptwriters Intensive Begins!

Group Collage Pic.PNG
This week the NHMC began its second annual Latino Scriptwriters Intensive, previously named the television graduate writers program. The program was created in 2016 after Univision and NHMC announced a partnership to develop programs designed to increase diversity in media and technology, where Latinos are still severely underrepresented. The program takes place once a year and the participants are hand selected from the group of 130 alumni who have previously completed NHMC’s Television Writers Program. Over the span of six weeks the participants will complete a pilot that can be used to help them get staffed on a show, get representation or even pitch to production companies and networks.

Please help us in welcoming the following drama writers to this year’s Latino Scriptwriters Intensive: Carlos Cisco, Joseph Ferrante, Rafael Garcia, Renier Murillo, Brian Otaño, Jesenia Ruiz and Janine Salinas Schoenberg.


Welcome dinner with the program sponsor Univision. Back Row – Nilda Muhr (NHMC VP, Special Programs), Joseph Ferrante, Rafael Garcia, Carlos Cisco, Alex Nogales (NHMC President & CEO), Christian Gabela (GM, Story House), Jesenia Ruiz, Geoff Harris (Latino Scriptwriters Intensive Mentor). Front Row – Adriana Flores-Ragade (Partnership Director, Social Impact, Fusion), Brian Otaño and Renier Murillo.


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