About Us

Elevating Latino Voices - On Air and Online

The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) is a 36-year-old nonprofit 501(c)(3) civil rights organization that was founded to eliminate hate, discrimination, and racism toward the Latinx community. We educate and increase the visibility of Latinx from Washington D.C. to Hollywood and around the world. NHMC collaborates with other civil rights organizations to safeguard democracy in the United States of America.

Diversifying News and Entertainment

NHMC pushes boundaries to encourage the entertainment and news industry to reflect the diversity of America behind and in front of the camera. We aim to ensure that executives consistently raise the bar, hire more producers, writers, actors, and editors of color, put Latinos in positions of influence, accurately represent our community, and serve the community with the programming we need.

Making Policy Work for Latinos

Our team of legal experts analyze telecommunications policy and proceedings, testify before Congress and government agencies and engage decision-makers to support programs that bring phone and internet service within reach for low-income families; examine new ways for policy to serve Latino audiences, media owners and creators; preserve the internet as a place where we can share our stories; and hold networks accountable for increasing diversity and eliminating divisive hate speech against members of our community.

Amplifying Voices in Our Community

While fighting for greater diversity and inclusion in policy, news, and entertainment, we also recognize and embrace our role in finding talent, helping young people discover their voices, and supporting emerging Latino leaders that thrive in their fields and continue to open doors for others.

NHMC hosts national and local impact awards to celebrate Latinos making outstanding contributions in their fields; extends a policy fellowship program for students to gain real-world skills in media law and advocacy, and convenes three programs to encourage aspiring TV writers to perfect their skills and introduce them to managers and talent agents to further their professional careers.

NHMC has also joined with six other LA-based organizations to build a community radio station to elevate underrepresented voices to inspire others.

Collaborating with Allies

We are proud to share our network of Latino experts with media outlets across the country to increase diverse perspectives and significantly change how Latinos are viewed in mainstream media. NHMC has compiled an extensive database of available spokespeople, spanning all fields and geographic locations, that we regularly update and encourage newscasters to use.

NHMC knows that we are stronger together. We are proud to serve as Secretariat of The National Latino Media Council, Executive Board Member of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, and member of the Multi-Ethnic Media Coalition and the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.