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The National Hispanic Media Coalition is devoted to increasing and improving portrayals of Latinos in the media while advocating for communications policies that elevate voices from within the community.

NHMC’s Latinx Stream Showcase was created nearly 10 years ago to showcase Latinx writers, actors, and directors. These talented creatives then have an opportunity to network with and perform in front of industry professionals.

NHMC’s Series Scriptwriters Program has yielded much success for nearly 20 years. Fellows have gone on to work in shows on HBO, Netflix, ViacomCBS, NBCUniversal, Walt Disney Television and many more.

NHMC’s Policy Fellowship prepares Latinx graduate and undergraduate students to advocate on behalf of the Latinx community in telecommunications, media advocacy at the civil rights intersection.



NHMC’s staff is made up of individuals who fight for the betterment of society, believe in each other, and have faith in the Latinx communities that make up this country.

Brenda Victoria Castillo

President & CEO

Martin Rivera, Esq.

Senior Policy Counsel

Daiquiri Ryan, Esq.

Strategic Legal Advisor & Policy Counsel

Julio Chavez

Policy Fellow

Angelis Pajares

Policy Fellow

Hannah Mushet-Cardenas

Communications Fellow

Araceli Velasco

Chief of Staff & Donor Relations

Felicia Mora

Special Events and Programs Manager

Cruz Castillo

External Relations & Digital Media Manager

Georgina Zamora

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

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Two lifelong friends were disappointed with Latino representation in children's books — so they developed their own bilingual publishing company.

This is the trailer for @nhmc Latinx Stream Showcase with artists who are changing the game! @leogh2113 @DominicColon
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During #LatinxHeritageMonth, support the changemakers diligently working to increase Latinx representation across industries. So many orgs doing the daily work often w/out media attention & w/out the accolades they deserve. They’re working in the community. Shine a light on them.

“We’ve been disappointed so many times. We’ve had to be happy with so little. So when we premiered, just seeing this love from Twitter & to have this moment of #NativeJoy was just so amazing to watch,” said @sierraornelas co-creator of #RutherfordFalls

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