Latino Experts

The NHMC has assembled some of the brightest and most experienced policy experts from  around the country to increase diversity of viewpoints, information and news that reaches the American public.

We’ve visited the top twelve television markets, and identified Latino experts in each target area that focus on education, health, immigration, public safety, the economy/business, civil rights and the media. The markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Francisco-Oakland-San José, Boston, Atlanta, Washington, D.C, Detroit and Phoenix.

The NHMC has met with local station managers to urge them to use the NHMC’s comprehensive database of policy experts when covering important issues on their local newscasts and public affairs programs.

The NHMC is confident that its “Latino Experts” project will help set a precedent that will significantly change the way that Latinos are viewed in mainstream media.

For more information on the Latino Experts project please call NHMC’s headquarters at (626) 792-6462. For media inquiries, please visit our list of experts.