Policy Filings

NHMC Joins Comments to the FCC Over E-Rate program

Voices for Internet Freedom Urge FCC to Move Forward on Important Consumer Initiatives

NHMC Urges FCC To Adopt Important Consumer Protections

NHMC Joins Civil Rights Groups in Submitting Comments to the NTIA and NSF

NHMC Signs Letter to Debate Moderators to Discuss Broadband

NHMC Fights For Retention of Broadcasters’ “Correspondence File” Requirement

NHMC Joins Predictive Policing Statement

NHMC Joins Public Knowledge and Consumer Groups in Bringing Attention to the FCC the Danger of DSRC

Comment on NYPD’s Body Worn Camera Policy

NHMC Urges HUD to Require Broadband Infrastructure

Appropriations Threats to Media and Broadband Priorities

NHMC Asks FCC to Open Opportunities for Independent Programmers

Lifeline Basics: Making Broadband More Affordable

NHMC Comments in FCC’s Public Notice seeking input on Comcast’s proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable

NHMC Comments in FCC’s 2014 Quadrennial Regulatory Review – Broadcast Ownership Rules

Voices for Internet Freedom Comments on Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet

Letter to the FCC to Protect Consumers and the Open Internet, in the Wake of Verizon vs FCC

Testimony of Jessica J. González before Congress on Media Ownership in the 21st Century

NHMC Written Statement On“Broadband Adoption: The Next Mile”

NHMC Comments in Support of Modernizing E-Rate

Testimony of Jessica J. Gonzalez at Congressional Hearing entitled “The Lifeline Fund: Money Well Spent?” (given April 25, 2013)

NHMC Files Reply Comments Concerning AT&T’s IP Transition

NHMC Incentive Auctions Comment (filed Jan. 25, 2013)

NHMC Comments On FCC’s Spectrum Auction Plan

NHMC Comments On FCC’s Newly Released Media Ownership Data

NHMC Comment on Form 323 Data Report (filed Dec. 26, 2012)

NHMC Joins Microsoft, Google, And Hundreds Of Other Groups Stressing The Importance Of Unlicensed Spectrum

Viewability Brief – DC Circuit (filed November, 26, 2012)

FCC Must Use its Authority to Improve U.S. Broadband Access

Media Ownership Ex Parte Letter – NHMC/Civil Rights Groups (filed November 20, 2012)

Media Ownership Ex Parte Letter – NHMC/MAG-Net (filed November 19, 2012)

Wireless Service Interruption Comment of Public Knowledge, NHMC et al. (filed April 30, 2012)

Wireless Service Interruption Comment of Media Alliance, NHMC et al. (filed April 30, 2012)

Comment filed on behalf of NHMC, Center for Media Justice, and Center for Rural Strategies (filed Mar. 5, 2012)

Lifeline/Link Up Further Notice Of Proposed Rulemaking Comment (filed April 2, 2012)

Consumer Protection: Letter to FCC Detailing the Lack of Spanish-Language Consumer Protection Documents (send September 20, 2011)

Consumer Protection: TV and Radio Station Public File Inspection Checklist

Lifeline/Link Up Further Inquiry Letter (filed September 1, 2011)

Emergency Petition to FCC re: BART Cellular Shut Down (filed August 29, 2011)

E-Rate “Eligible Services List” Comment (filed July 15, 2011)

Letter to State Attorneys General on Proposed AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

Letter to FCC Requesting Field Hearings on Proposed AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

Text Messaging/Universal Service Fund Comment (filed June 6, 2011)

NHMC/NiLP’s Reply in Support of Petition to Deny

NHMC/NiLP’s Petition to Deny

Lifeline/Link Up Reply Comment (filed May 10, 2011)

Lifeline/Link Up Letter (filed April 21, 2011)

Joint Letter to Congress about the Congressional Review Act (sent February 16, 2011)

Bill Shock Reply Comment (filed February 8, 2011)

Support for FCC Inquiry on Hate Speech in Wake of Tucson Shooting

Support for Update of Role of Telecom in Hate Crimes in Wake of Tucson Shooting

Joint Letter to FCC on Network Neutrality (filed December 10, 2010)

FCC Must Protect Entrepreneurs from Internet Service Providers’ Unfair Practices – Media and Democracy Coalition Fact Sheet

Consumer Protection: Text Messaging Discrimination Letter (sent October 29, 2010)

Consumer Protection: Bill Shock Support Letter (filed October 7, 2010)

Network Neutrality: Comment filed on behalf of Latinos for Internet Freedom (filed October 12, 2010)

Letter to the FCC on Network Neutrality (filed August 12, 2010)

Lifeline/Link Up Reply Comment (filed July 30, 2010)

Lifeline/Link Up Comment (filed July 15, 2010)

E-Rate Comment (filed July 9, 2010)

Comment filed on behalf of Latinos for Internet Freedom (filed October 12, 2010)

Bill Shock Comment (filed July 6, 2010)

Comments: Future of Media and Information Needs of Communities in a Digital Age

Reply Comment (filed April 26, 2010)

Media Justice Commenters’ Reply Comment (April 26, 2010)

Comment (filed January 14, 2010)

Letter Supporting  NHMC’s request for update of the The Role of Telecommunications in Hate Crimes (August 11, 2009)