NHMC Statement on Network Neutrality Order

Today the FCC enacted “network neutrality” rules, designed with the intent to preserve a level playing field for every internet user. NHMC is pleased that the FCC has moved forward to protect consumers online, however, it is deeply concerned that the rules do not go far enough to protect consumers in a number of areas, especially those that access the internet through their mobile devices.

“As I listened to Commissioner Copps speak this morning, I couldn’t agree more with his sentiment that there is much more he would have liked to see in this order. Although I am dissatisfied that this order does not equally protect mobile internet users, I am appreciative that our champions, FCC Commissioners Clyburn and Copps – and their staffs -worked tirelessly to improve what Chairman Genachowski originally presented weeks ago,” stated Alex Nogales, NHMC’s President and CEO.

“The reason that NHMC feels so strongly that wireless and wireline connections must be treated equally, is because Latinos, African Americans, and low-income Americans access the internet over their cell phones at a higher rate than the rest of the population, and that a large number of people of color use cell phones as their only internet access point,” remarked Jessica Gonzalez, NHMC’s Vice President of Policy and Legal Affairs.

Nogales added, “I want to personally thank Commissioner Clyburn for her strong remarks this morning, making it clear that the FCC will ‘stand ready to protect mobile consumers from any actions by providers that are inconsistent with an open internet.’ NHMC looks forward to standing with Commissioner Clyburn and the rest of the Commission in careful watch over wireless providers.”

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