NHMC supports sales of Latin-Jazz CD to aid musicians in Puerto Rico



The prestigious Jazz Journalist Association (JJA) has announced Bobby Sanabria’s Multiverse Big Band’s West Side Story Reimagined as the winner of the Jazz Record of the Year. The JJA Jazz Awards, given annually since 1997, honors excellence in jazz music, recordings, and journalism.

Leonard Bernstein’s incredible score of West Side Story premiered on stage 62 years ago. His blend of big-band jazz, lyric opera, modern dance, Latin rhythms, and symphonic and chamber music revolutionized the American musical. Sanabria and his multi-Grammy nominated 21-piece ensemble reimagines Bernstein’s masterpiece with an all new instrumental Latin jazz score with rhythms such as bomba xica, joropo, bembe, bomba yuba, samba-cancao and son montuno. The CD has received many impressive, positive reviews.

Photo courtesy of Florida Politics

A portion of the CD sales benefit the Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Fund, which Sanabria created in collaboration with the Jazz Foundation of America, to help musicians on the island meet their housing and medical expenses. Puerto Rico, Sanabria’s ancestral homeland, hasn’t fully recovered from Hurricanes Irma and Maria, which caused $80 billion dollars in damages. Meanwhile, as more tornadoes and flooding hammer states in the Midwest and the South, federal relief to Puerto Rico and those communities has remained stuck in Washington. On May 30, 2019, the House failed to pass a $19.1 billion dollar relief package for a third time in a week.

“Bobby Sanabria and his band members are doing great work to stabilize Puerto Rico. The NHMC advocates for the recovery and rebuild of telecommunications infrastructure on the island, and works on ways to highlight how Puerto Ricans are still disconnected to radio, TV, internet and phone. We must continue to support our brothers and sisters who are still suffering in the quiet darkness. Please purchase the CD and make a lasting difference.”

-Alex Nogales, President & CEO, NHMC

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