Latino Scene Showcase

 2017 Latino Scene Showcase


The Latino Scene Showcase, presented by the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) and the Los Angeles Theater Center, aims to infuse Latino writers and actors into the entertainment industry.

The showcase features scenes written by NHMC TV Writers Program alumni and performed by Latino actors before an audience of television network executives, agents and managers.

To view pictures of the 2017 Latino Scene Showcase click here. Watch the individual scenes from the 2017 Latino Scene Showcase using the playlist below.

For the media advisory, click here. For the post-event press release, click here.

Evolution Fitness by Rafael Garcia
Directed by Fidel Gomez
Performed by:
Matthew Jordan
Marissa Ringer
Jay Phoenix

Pearly Gates by Jesenia Ruiz
Directed by Fidel Gomez
Performed by:
Alfredo Trueba
Melissa Rivera
Bob Rodriguez

The Mailroom by Joseph Ferrante
Directed by Sal Lopez
Performed by:
Peter Pasco
Brian Molina
Eddie Ruiz

M.I.A. by Renier Murillo
Directed by Sylvia Blush
Performed by:
Julian Ortega
Abigail Arnold-Ochs
Carla Olivas
Nisalda Gonzalez

Mari and Damian by Janine Salinas Schoenberg
Directed by Sal Lopez
Performed by:
Yvonne Angulo
James Cavlo

Call Me Daddy by Brian Otaño
Directed by Sylvia Blush
Performed by:
Myrna Velasco
Frankie Rodriguez
Ray Lopez
Michelle Castillo

Bits and Pieces by Carlos Cisco
Directed by Fidel Gomez
Performed by:
Roland Ruiz
Huge Carbajal

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