Take John and Ken Off the Air

For years John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou, hosts of “The John and Ken Show,” have terrorized and targeted Los Angeles communities, creating an atmosphere of hate, intolerance, discrimination and legitimizing hateful attitudes against members of these groups. John and Ken are known to habitually use unsubstantiated claims, divisive language, flawed argumentation and dehumanizing metaphors to shock and anger their audience.

NHMC launched the campaign in 2011 after John and Ken released the private cell phone number of Jorge-Mario Cabrera after lambasting him on the air; urging their listeners to call and do the same. Mr. Cabrera received over 450 angry calls, including messages threatening his personal safety and life. Unfortunately, this incident is not isolated and is part of John and Ken’s recurring tactic to attack members of the community they disagree with.

The “Take John and Ken Off the Air Campaign” is supported by over 40 local and national organizations. Up to date, almost twenty responsible advertisers have officially committed not to advertise on “The John and Ken Show.” We will not stop until John and Ken are off the air.

Timeline for Take John and Ken Off the Air Campaign

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Below is an example of a hateful voice mail message left by a John and Ken Show listener.
Caution. Extremely Graphic Language.